Saturday 11 December 2010

50th Anniversary Week: Recovery

That was the week that was. I thank you all for reading and commenting and allowing me to share it with you. There's been such a huge surge of media focus on Corrie this week, even over here in Canada where we are currently 10 months behind in the storyline and won't see the anniversary week on our screens until next fall. Those of us that cheat will see it all over again. ITV should really release this week's episodes on dvd with a few cast interviews talking about behind the scenes while filming both the episodes and the live episode. I'd buy it!

I won't summarize it in too much detail. You were all there, you saw it, or you read about it. You know we've lost Molly and Ashley and Charlotte. There are secrets told and lives and families and friendships blown into as many bits as the viaduct. Next week will likely be a bit more upheaval while we wait to see for certain if Peter recovers (I think he will), if tiny Hope Stape can continue to cling to life (50/50 chance i reckon), if Rita can rise from the rubble like a phoenix (how could she not!) and if Sunita will be ok, too.

Ah. Sunita. We are wondering for who the fourth funeral will be held. There's been no mention of Shobna Gulati leaving the show but this could be the surprise twist. There was talk of an unknown man in a car that was at the wrong place at the wrong time and that *might* be counted as the fourth but that's going to make fans feel a bit ripped off. Why the big media campaign about four funerals and a wedding if the fourth one is someone we don't even know?

But we do know Sunita and she was badly injured, too. We didn't really see much of her in hospital and she seemed somewhat perky enough though still not that well i wouldn't think. She lost a lot of blood. Will she take a turn for the worse? Always possible. Or baby Hope might be the death. I really would like to see her be a miracle baby, however, because when Stape gets caught, and sooner or later he will, at least Fiz will have her little baby.

I've continued on my Corrie marathon this weekend. I've downloaded the various specials and am making my way through them. The first part of the 50 scenes one was really good. I've watched the dvd Fifty Years Fifty Characters which was also great, and often showed some of the characters' very first scenes! Some i've seen in other clips before but some i had never seen.

It feels like it's been all Corrie All the time this week, between the UK episodes, blogging it, reading blogs and reviews on various websites, and then watching the Canadian episodes as well (we're just in the immediate aftermath of Joe's death). It was an emotional week and i'm still trying to catch my breath. I want to rewatch the entire week's shows but I'm not sure i'm ready for that yet. I will have to though, because i have to write an episode summary of Monday first part and Tuesday, which is the immediate aftermath of the crash. I better find my thesaurus so i can come up with different words that mean shock, horror, horrified, scared, etc.

This week will be filled with uncertainty and sadness, i have no doubt but as always, little bits of normality will start creeping in as people pull up their socks and keep on living as best they can. People have to start dealing with loss and with their lives that have crashed along with the tram, for various reasons. And i will probably stop dreaming of Corrie characters and cobbles and start looking forward to Christmas.

And with my last paragraph, let me congratulate the cast and crew of Coronation Street. You were all superb as you all stepped up to the plate, and thank you for this week!


craig martin said...

great blog!

Unfortunately, that man i that car is the 4th death. they didnt want want to kill off 4 characters, and the "four funerals and a wedding" tagline was too good not to use.

bit of a con, but I dont mind, best drama in years :)

Tvor said...

Yes it was a bit of a sucker-punch or red herring wasn't it? (the tag line).

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