Tuesday 28 December 2010

2010 Awards, Part 1

You know what it's like when you start thinking of all the storylines during the year, all the characters and situations and  you start to make those year end lists, right? The list gets longer and longer until you have to break it up into two parts. With that in mind, here's part one of the year end "awards", focusing on the mad, bad, and dangerous.

Pariah of the year:
Kevin Webster. Can it get any worse? Kevin's former lover has his baby, delivered by Kevin's wife. Then the Websters are asked to be godparents. Kevin only stayed with Sally because she was ill and the whole truth came out in front of everyone at Molly's graveside. Nobody can hardly look Kevin in the eye now and he's still living under his own roof *with* the baby that his ex best friend and business partner has dumped on him.

Biggest Loser:

Poor Tyrone. Lost Jack, his erstwhile dad, lost his wife to the tram disaster, but she was leaving him anyway, lost his son because it turns out his wife was  shagging his best friend and business partner and the baby isn't his biologically and pretty much lost his job since he how is he going to be able to work with that ex-best friend anymore? But at least he has his health! 

Best funeral drama:
Tyrone knocking Kevin into Molly's grave when he figured out Kevin is baby Jack's father

"Best" deaths
Jack dying in the same chair Vera did, with Vera on hand to take him with her.
Ashley's heroics allowed Peter and Nick to escape before the viaduct crashed.

When is it going to end storyline:
The whole adoption business. Dull, dull, dull.
Joe's loan shark, Joe's death and weeks of lying afterwards, right up through the trial.
Claire nagging Ashley... about pretty much anything ending up with the move to France business.

Dullest new character:
Cheryl the stripper.
Dr. Carter. He's pretty much been a spare part aside from holler at Gail now and then. 

Loopy award:

Charlotte Hoyle, obsessed with John Stape
Runner Up: Mary Taylor obsessed with Norris Cole

Horrific revelations
Molly's death"bed" confession to Sally that Kevin is baby Jack's father.
Natasha having an abortion and then finding out that Nick wants her back and wants the baby.
Audrey finding out Lewis scammed her for all her savings.
Jack finding out that Molly cheated on Tyrone (Yes, Jack. He wasn't strong enough to handle it like Tyrone is)

Bitch of the year:
Kylie taking money for Max, then taking him and letting Becky think he could be hurt in the crash because she wanted to get more money out of Becky and Steve.
Tracy Barlow offending pretty much everyone,  using her knowledge about Max to get Amy back,  then sleeping with two men, getting bashed on the head. All in a week. And earlier in the year, lying at Gail's trial to get her convicted and get herself a deal. No dice.
Carla: for using Leanne's affair with Nick to move in on Peter. Also for lacing into the factory workers randomly or when drunk or when rejected by Peter.
Molly. Let's see... Leaving Tyrone, going back to Tyrone because she was pregnant not knowing who the father is, treating both potential fathers like something she brushed off her shoe, leaving Tyrone after finding out Kevin was the father but didn't want her, telling Tyrone he isn't the father, telling Sally who is. (as her dying words, meant as an admission of defeat)

Gone and forgotten storylines:
Eileen has been stealing from Owen... I think 2011 is not going to be her best year.
Colin is still buried under Underworld and John did kill Charlotte. As bad as 2010 was for Stape, I think 2011 is going to be worse.
David Platt has epilepsy. That seems to have been forgotten. No further reference at all. 
Carla is supposed to be an alcoholic but she's still drinking and nobody, not even Michelle who knows about it seems concerned at all.

"Was that really a good idea?" aka I'm In a Pickle award
Steve and Becky buying Max from Kylie. He's already seen Tracy try that and it blew up at his wedding to Karen. Why does he think it's going to work this time?
Peter, the alcoholic, helping Leanne open a bar.
John Stape stealing Colin Fishwick's identification because he just HAD to teach.
Joe McIntyre deciding to fake his own death, resulting in... his own death. Gail lying, hoping to keep him from getting into trouble and getting arrested for his murder!
Audrey Roberts for falling for a smooth operator, male escort Lewis!
Runners up:
George Carmichael taking Simon to Blackpool, planning to keep him from Peter permanently only for Simon to run away.
Graeme falling for his best friend's ex-girlfriend, the ex-girlfriend his best friend still loves.

Death and Destructions of the year
The Tram crash. Obviously.
Tony taking hostages, confronation with Carla and eventually blowing himself up in the factory. End of.


Gina said...

Dr. Carter is hot and someone needs to put Gail in her place. I hope they develop his character more.

Anonymous said...

When is it going to end - I would have included the Stapewick saga.

Anonymous said...

I think we could have done without the factory siege. Sieges are so overdone in soaps that it didn't really have much impact...

Can we also big up Natasha Blakeman's final victory lap as she left the street. Up there as one my favourite episodes this year - "Wake up and smell the bitchfest!"

Tvor said...

I'm enjoying the Stape-gate storyline, though. Lots of great twists in it. It's kept me a lot more interested than Molvin or Joe McIntyre's loser life. I also thought the factory seige was good.

Yes Natasha's grand exit was a very good send off!

maggie muggins said...

Great list!

I thought Jack handled Molly's revelation better than Ty did. He had the presence of mind to advise her to leave if she didn't love Tyrone. Tyrone holed up for Xmas, then destroyed baby Jack's possessions.

I thought Molly's dying confession was more a way to leave her mortal coil without the big lie on her conscience. Either that or she hated Sally that much. We'll never know.

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