Saturday 2 April 2011

State of the Street - March 2011

Good Grief! Sophie went off the rails and off the church roof after years of being ignored and months of listening to her parents row viciously. They almost lost her and it looked like they might have been a bit contrite and what do they do? Have a blazing row by her hospital bedside instead of taking it outside. Is it any flaming wonder Sophie has reached the end of her tether? It's given her a wakeup call, so she says, and she's gone back to the Church saying her survival was a miracle. She might as well. At least she won't be ignored there after the poor old Pastor got the fright of his life watching her plummet through his hands. Maybe this just might give him a wakeup call and all! In the meantime....

I knew that Kevin would back down and not sell the house. He just felt too guilty over what happened with Sophie. And he has a hope in the back of his mind that if Sally is still in the house, there's always a remote chance she might have him back. He won all that money and wasn't going to tell Sally until after she signed on the dotted line unless she will come back to him and then he'd gladly share the money with her. Blackmailing bastard. He's launched a campaign with flowers and then upped the game and gave her a car, which, I notice, she hasn't given back yet. So who is right? Should she get half or not? I reckon she shouldn't get half but I also figure he should put what might have been Sally's half in trust for the girls. Sophie is still a minor and Rosie would spend it on shoes and handbags but they deserve to have it as security for their future every bit as much as Jack does.

What a homecoming for Liz, eh? Amy gone to Tracy, the pub in near-financial ruin. I'll agree that it was rough that Steve had to give Amy back to Tracy but I don't think he had formal custody when she went to prison. When she got out, I wasn't surprised that she took Amy back even if it was with an agenda.

Well, Liz shouldn't have gone off so long should she? She *is* the licensee after all. Apparently there are rules about this, rules she should know with all her experience.  Still, it's good to see her again. I always liked Liz, me. But what i don't get is why didn't she know *any* of these events? She's been gone since before Christmas. Did her best friend Deirdre not call her with excitement to tell her that her daughter was out of prison? That's big news! Or when Tracy was bashed on the head and they didn't know if she'd live? The Tram crashed, people died, Tracy took Amy back. Becky and Steve went to Spain *without* Amy. Didn't Liz find that odd and didn't they tell her why? Good god, ITV, WE'RE NOT STUPID! What it comes down to is that if Liz had been told about all this, she'd have been back in a flash and if the actress wasn't ready to return, they couldn't do that so we get stuck with a stupidly huge plot hole.

It didn't take long before Liz got to the bottom of it all and she gave Steve and especially Becky royal old hell for it. And rightly so, from her point of view, Becky has done nothing good for Steve. But that should have been the end of it. Steve seems to be reaching the breaking point in spite of loving Becky just like what happened with Karen. He loved Karen but he just couldn't handle her drama anymore and I am afraid the same thing is going to happen with Becky.

I realize that Liz has every reason to dislike Becky, I really do, but there was no need for her to be a bitch to Becky, pushing and pushing her over the edge. She did it on purpose, just so that Steve could see Becky go off the rails again and maybe he'd dump her. Will he? I figure he might within time but a few days later, they seemed to be coming to terms with each other again. Us against the world even if they aren't all lovey dovey yet. Now if she could just get rid of Tracy as easily! Awww but there's Jim back again, "What about yer then?" And the magic and chemistry and sparks were still there, so it is!

Katy wants a baby. She and Chesney figure they're in love and old enough and you just know where it would get them. She's in school, he's got a market stall. Even just getting a flat together is an awful lot of committment at that age but a baby? And that poor dog penned up in a little flat, that's just cruel!

Talk about Love's Young Nightmare...So David and Kylie met....not on Cypress where she headed with that Greek fella. I suppose she scarpered to Teneriffe with the money Becky gave her. And Kylie??? Of all people? But you know, if anyone could replace Tina in David's brain, it would be her and I think she's probably a pretty good match for him, because she's just as devious! Contrast this with...

Is it me or is this Graeme marrying Xin storyline the dullest dreariest most ill-conceived storyline in like... forever? Why do they always seem to reach the bottom of the barrel to contrive an exit story for a character? There's no obvious reason for Graeme to leave the Street so they have to come up with something that makes absolutely no sense. Fodder for the Fast Forward button. Enough about that. It's been analysed to death.

And there's Maria looking all po-faced every time Frank comes around, to the point where he yanked his order because she went telling tales to Tracy. I realize he scared her but it did seem like a bit of an overreaction. If I was Maria, when I heard Frank had yanked the contract, I'd have resigned seeing as it was all my fault that the factory might go under. Mind you, how many times did Mike Baldwin squeak back from the financial edge over the years? I suppose times as they are today, it's tougher to get the business. One weak apology and he's back in the fold and she's still going around with a face like thunder and he's still taking hissy fits every time he sees it. 

He's also taking his chances with Tracy Barlow but maybe they're a better match. Thing is, though Frank protests that he's a nice guy really and he just misread the signs (re Maria), we don't know much about him. Will we? And does a buyer have the right to be lurking around the factory all the time? That never happened before. They come in, they deal, they sign and they leave. Sounds like Frank is a control freak, or "control-frank" ! In that case, it's not boding well. I even wondered if that hate Maria has on for him is going to turn into love. Frank was certainly attracted to her so is it possible she'll end up forgiving him and taking him off Tracy? That would be the only thing worth watching, though, as I don't think they make a very good match, Frank and Maria. Still, it's often the way soaps work.

April looks to be filled with wedded un-bliss with a double wedding imminent and the departure of Liz.

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