Friday 8 April 2011

Wedding Album

I'm bringing you a few photos from the festivities from last night's double wedding. The hen night was not without it's events, either. Kylie, as expected, got bladdered.

The mother-in-law from hell tried to pay off the bride to leave her son waiting at the altar. She checks back over her shoulder after handing Kylie 1000 pounds, will she take it and run?

No, she will not. She took her time about getting to the registry office on time but she made it and the two couples stood and swore they'd love, honour and ... well, maybe not obey, unless it means David obeying Kylie!

Graeme and Xin looking not quite so much the happy couple.  Xin managed to crack a bit of a nervous smile. Graeme was just nervous and sweating buckets, I'll bet! They really won't be able to pull this off, will they? Faced with the authorities interviewing them to verify their relationship, they'll crumble like last week's cheese!

David and Kylie's relationship, on the other hand, may not last long but it will never be boring!

Graeme and Xin might be signing their lives away, for sure! Contrast the two couples if you will. I would pay money to see these wedding photos!

How ironic was it that Tina caught the bouquet?

Graeme's tender speech about his soul mate was directed a tad to the left of the bride who almost looks like she really does believe his loving words. I think the bride is developing a bit of a crush on the groom, don't you?

But alas, Norris found out the truth and told Rita, who felt very betrayed and gave them both a full blast of her disappointment!

They felt the weight of their guilt, and rightly so!Nice shot of them in front of a target! The irony is not lost on me!

Meanwhile, Kylie is up on the tables again, sticking the knife into Gail's back by acting all sweetness and light and she even wants to call Gail 'Mum'. You can see how happy that makes Gail!

Awwwww! Mum and Daughter-in-law time will make such treasured memories!

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