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State of the Street - December 2011

Now that Carla's back, Underworld has staggered to its feet and is soldiering on. The feud with Fosterworld continues with a slight edge to Carla's lot but Sally has developed the inevitable crush on Frank. No surprise there, is it? She's always had a soft spot for a cultured voice and a man in a suit. It's part of that upwardly mobile wannabe gene she's got. And speaking of Fosterworld, Sally told Fiz that Frank might be hiring but we've seen nothing of Fiz since. Did she get hired? Is she working? Did she go back to Underworld? Don't leave me hanging!

With the anniversary of the tram crash upon us, Peter freaked out with flashbacks and memories and the urge to drink gets stronger and stronger until he tumbled off the wagon. Carla tried to hang on to her emotions while waiting for the rape trial and the pair of them shored each other up. Looks like that old black magic has done it's work. Peter and Carla were having an illicit affair by Christmas. I guess it was inevitable but I don't think it will last either.

Peter promised Carla but when it came down to it, he couldn't tell Leanne the real reason why they should split up and he tried to turn it on her, making it sounds like she's nagging and unsupportive. Obviously all his excuses rolled off her shoulders and she's determined to stick by him no matter what. If she knew about Carla, she'd have chucked him out before he had the chance to leave. Peter couldn't really do much in the face of her determination. Not yet anyway so the affair goes underground with Carla the perennial other woman, crying and alone when Peter has to spend time with his family.

And just like every other affair, it's going to be conducted in secret because he can't leave his wife and Carla will put up with what little time she can get from him. And we have to suffer through them being all mushy and loved up for the duration. Peter's had prior experience juggling two women so it's kind of second nature to him and he, like his father, doesn't really have the backbone to leave what he knows for what he doesn't unless forced (i.e. wives throwing him out)

Well Owen is sure taking over at Anna's and Faye doesn't like it one little bit. I know the shed was probably an eyesore and apparently the floor of it wasn't safe but couldn't he just have replaced the floor? He *is* a builder after all. Instead we have big, bad, Owen building a fish pond in the back garden. Would you credit it? Do you think he's softening up with his involvement with Anna? I think he's still got that bully boy underneath it all and if Faye continues to push his buttons like she's doing, she could be in for a shock, especially with David and Kylie already pushing his buttons. He'll be running hot under the collar and it won't take much.

And that feud? A bit childish isn't it? I gotta say, though, as much as one is just as bad as the other, I rather enjoy seeing Owen get bested every now and then. He deserves it for being such a bully and a plonker. I think it's kind of funny at times but I also think the devil spawn Faye may just take advantage of it.

I felt so bad for Becky this month. She started the slide downhill with the divorce and though was trying so hard to get her life back in order and start again, it must have been horribly hard. There's Max back living under her feet practically. That has to hurt. And Steve flaunting Tracy who flaunted her pregnancy. Then of course Tracy manages to get Becky accused of pushing her down the stairs causing her to lose the babies she lost the week before already. Becky only really bought into the cab firm because she was hoping she and Steve would make a new connection and get back together.

Never mind that everyone knows that Tracy has a hate on for Becky as bad as Becky has one on for her and never mind that Tracy has been caught out more than once scheming to wind up Becky and push her buttons. And never mind that even though Deirdre has often suspected Tracy of misbehaving, this time she knew damn well and yet she still let Tracy accuse Becky, succumbing to lame blackmail. Shame on her!

Becky really hit rock bottom and nearly smoked herself out, life threatening to go down in flames, literally! Nick to the rescue! Maybe now Becky can sort herself out and find something happy. She's got nowhere to go but up and partnering with Streetcars probably wasn't the smartest move since it keeps her in contact with Steve which is what she wanted. First move is go to the police. She laid it all out. It really wouldn't make sense if it were true that Tracy wouldn't go to the police though I don't know why Tracy was so bothered. Why not just lie to the authorities? She's done that before except, I suppose, a jury didn't believe her anyway and she got banged up.

I can't get over how vile Steve and Tracy are being to Becky. I know, I know, if you thought someone pushed you and caused a miscarraige, you wouldn't be inviting them for tea. Steve should know Becky better to think she'd do it deliberately. Though it wasn't, it could have been an accident. Tracy could have got away with that but she wants the best-for-her outcome. Deirdre has almost cracked a few times but Tracy is very good at emotional blackmail. It was telling that she didn't go to the police and that should have make her parents suspicious right from the start, Ken at least if not Deirdre as well. Would Tracy have been arrested if she'd falsely accused Becky and it could be proven? Not sure. But the truth will come out, it has to.
 And marrying Tracy? Seriously, Steve? He's gone from Karen to Becky to Tracy? Does anyone else spot the pattern here because he sure doesn't. Well, I really don't think this wedding will happen because the truth has to come out.  I can't imagine why he would stay with her in the face of yet another nasty trick discovered. I also can't imagine why he wouldn't try to get custody of Amy and use a little blackmail himself to do it.

Max is back and Kylie wasn't very happy about his bond with Becky. She never did have a lot of confidence in her own ability to be a mum and it was only David pushing her and supporting her that got her to agree to try to get him back. She doesn't have a bond with Max and she knows it and I hope they continue to show her trying hard to form that bond, sometimes not quite getting it right. I also hope David continues to be as supportive as he has. He's turning his life around and this marraige and now little Max both seem to be the making of him. Finally!

Tina's really really REALLY annoying me and her mouth is getting gobbier and gobbier. And this feud with her and Kirsty is a non-starter. Tina needs to move out. Why is she still there? It was only meant to be temporary! But the more we see of Kirsty, the more we are realizing that she's not quite what she seems. Tina just might be right now we are seeing more of Kirsty's uber-possessiveness and jealousy of any of Ty's female friends. Any person that isolates you from your friends is to be deemed suspicious.

And the month ended with Sophie and Sian's wedding. The dresses were fairytale lovely. Why on earth would Sian take offence just because Sophie seemed a bit nervous reading her vows? Immediately, she thinks Sophie has doubts and the wedding's off. Huh? Looking at it from Sian's point of view, she has no reason to think that. Looking at it from the viewers' point of view, of course we know that Sophie had a crush on Amber and Amber was pushing all her buttons. Most of us grown ups watching are all thinking "Well they're both too young to get married anyway!"

Katy gives birth while playing Mary at the Nativity play, rather ironically, and almost literally in a manger. Didn't any of the mothers in the audience twig that Katy was having contractions. Owen was taking out his worry on everyone and being vile. Nothing new there, then. The birth was like most soap births, a bit of screeching and then a somewhat greasy baby presented and everyone's happy. Never mind. Katy was home in an instant but then they do that these days. I keep getting the feeling that Chesney and Katy look like kids playing house with a doll. At least they admit to being scared but they're so young! I know Chesney has had a harder life than most and he's had to grow up to survive but Katy has been sheltered and it's not going to be easy for them. I hope that's brought out in storylines in future.


Anonymous said...

I agree with all you said. I'm happy to see that someone else is fed up with Tina. I never could stand her character, even back to the David days. She's rude, glum, and always spoiling for a fight. It's too bad that evil Kirsty will be her arch-enemy because I can't root for either one of them.

And Ty as per will have the wool pulled over his eyes.

Tvor said...

Poor Tyrone, never the sharpest knife in the drawer and to be fair, it's his first foray back into the dating world and he's most definitely vulnerable.

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