Thursday 19 January 2012

2011 "Awards"

Rather than the usual "Best Actress", "Best Storyline" type of awards that you usually see at the end of every year, I like to pick out awards or shout outs that are a little on the
off-centre side of things. There are the occasional "Best" awards but mostly just the highlights/lowlights catagorized. As always, they're my own opinion and just as they occurred to me. There's probably loads more. Feel free to add your own!

Without further ado:

Realistic storyline:
Gary's post traumatic stress. Very well done.

Regrettable departure:
Eddie Windass

Best use of an attack tool:
Peter threatening Nick in the wreck of the Joinery with a metal pipe.
Becky trashing the Barlow house with a sledgehammer.

Dirtbag/Slime bucket
Frank Foster for raping Carla
Nick for encouraging Peter to drink so he could get Leanne back
James Cunningham for being in on the homeless shelter scam resulting in Sophie stealing money from her father.

Best/Worst Wedding
Peter found out about Leanne's fling with Nick and humiliated her at their wedding vows
Sian and Sophie's non-wedding. Father of the Bride questioned her doubts. Pretty dresses, though. 

Cow of the year
Tracy Barlow
Kirsty Soames
Runner up Tina McIntyre (McIntiresome), Eva Price

Good clean fun: (funniest scenes/storylines)
Stape instructing a tied-up Rosie on the murder timelines and quizzing her
Beth and Steve's reunion, complete with moon-faced muteboy
Deirdre's World of Pottery
Kirk, Tyrone and Tommy, Drug Dealer conquerors (ludicrous, yes, but it made me laugh)

When is it going to end aka Dullest storylines:
Graeme and Xin and the immigration scam
Departure of the Gray family.

Was that such a good idea?
Letting Chris move in with Lloyd and Cheryl due to his brain tumour.

Guinness record for most years without a spine
Steve McDonald

Romantic moment:
Peter and Leanne at the train station.

Best Twists and Turns storyline

2011 annual award for Unjustly Imprisoned:
Fiz Stape taking the "I didn't do it" trophe from Gail who got it from Deirdre.

Horror Storyline
Unearthing rotting Colin Fishwick, Fiz had to help John dispose of the body

Rocky Road
Peter and Leanne's marraige. Her affair, his injury, his boozing, his wedding revelations, her miscarraige, his boozing again, his affair.

Shocking revelations
Fiz found out her husband killed Charlotte and Joy and hid a body under the factory. He then left her to take the blame

He/She's just not that into you
Tommy didn't really fancy Amber once he laid eyes on Tina
Tina doesn't fancy Tommy (yet)
Becky and Nick quickly decided they weren't really meant to be a couple
Chris dropped Maria like a hot potato when he was diagnosed with a tumour

I'll miss you
Liz McDonald
Graeme Proctor
John Stape (hated the character, loved the storyline)
Eddie Windass
Lloyd Mullaney (temporarily)

I won't miss you
Xin Proctor
Claire Peacock
Ryan Connor
Marc the transvestite
Ciaran McCarthy - gone so long that his return and departure was a non-starter
Sian Powers - Sweet kid, spare part

Overstayed your welcome
Michelle Connor
Mary Taylor
Dev Alahan

Fashionista award:
Julie Carp wins again, always decked out wonderfully.
Runner up: Carla Connor, even makes leggings and a long baggy top look chic.

Well matched:
Kylie and David

Double act
Aud and Claud. (Audrey and Claudia)
Julie and Brian
Eva and Kylie (double trouble)

Cutest baby award:
Baby Jack, Baby Hope

Pointless character
Matt Carter

Best new character
Beth (squeaked in just under the wire, a shoo-in for 2012)
Karl (I think he's got potential)

Best/Worst return:
Best: Dennis Tanner. I wish they'd do more with him!
Worst: Amber. She's not as sparky and fun anymore. Just annoying

Most annoying
Dev Alahan
Tracy Barlow
Tina McIntyre

Dropped storyline
David's epilepsy

Saddest moments:
Death of Schmeichel
Leanne's miscarraige

Much Ado about Nothing
After all the hullaballoo about Michelle Collins joining as Rovers Landlady, she's turned into a bland character, injected unnecessarily into every storyline as the Earth Mother, the Confidant, the Saviour.

Boarding House Rules:
If Jason still owns the flat and must be paying a mortgage on it, why is he living with his mother? If Nick is running a successful restaurant, why is he still living with his mother?

And see a summary of the 2011 main storylines by family here

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