Thursday 19 January 2012

A summary of 2011 storylines

Summary of what happened by family, as much for my own memory as anyone else's.

David married Kylie (Double wedding with Graeme and Xin), heir apparent to the Salon. Kylie and David get custody of Max, in time for Christmas
Nick encouraged Peter to drink to get Leanne to leave him, reopened Bistro, fling with Becky, got together with Eva Price.
Gail - jobless for most of year, then cleaner at Bistro, war with Kylie
Audrey - Dated transvestite Marc. lovely man. Terrible taste in clothes and wigs
Adopted Faye
Eddie left
Anna and Owen get together
Gary suffers Post traumatic stress (confined Izzy to house to "protect" her and subsequent break up.) Gets back together with Izzy at Christmas


War of the Websters divorce wars
Lottery win for Kevin. See above
Sally takes Kevin in after injury, temporarily.
Sophie caught in scam at homeless shelter, involving some of Kevin's lottery win
Sophie fell off church roof
Sophie splits with Sian after asking her to marry her, then reconciles. Kisses Amber on night out and develops a crush, re-proposes to Sian who finds out about Amber on wedding day because of Kevin's big mouth and jilts Sophie, leaving the street. Amber is not gay, Sophie is broken hearted.
Rosie - continues to model, living with Jason, kidnapped by Stape again
Bill - engaged to Pam, heart attack, disappears again
Sally dates Jeff, Rosie's boss, dumps him after he encouraged Rosie to speak to press about Stape business, spilling all family's secrets. Laid off from Factory, works for Frank Foster's new factory.

Tracy: blackmails Steve and Becky because she knows about them buying Max. Works at pub, finally drives wedge between Steve and Becky, sleeps with Steve, gets pregnant with twins, becomes an item with Steve, miscarries twins and blames Becky.
Deirdre: took up pottery, gets tangled in Tracy's lies about the miscarraige.
Ken: takes in grandson James, horrified at homeless shelter scandal that James is part of, falls out with neighbour Kevin over lottery scam
Amy develops an allergy to dairy products but deliberately drinks milk to make herself sick to get her parents to be nice to each other. 
Peter and Leanne: Tracy tells Peter about Nick and he humiliates her at wedding vow renewal but they get back together. Leanne has miscarraige. Carla still hankers after Peter. Leanne's mother returns. Leanne suspects Peter and Carla of affair, but later in the year, Peter and Carla do start an affair

Jim wants to buy pub to help Steve's finances but robs bank to get the money and goes back to jail. Liz leaves.
Steve and Becky: Battling Tracy over Amy, Max. Becky wrecks Barlows house. Leaves Steve after finding out he called Social Services over Max, divorce.
Steve sleeps with Tracy, gets her pregnant, gets together with her as a couple to help raise kids.
Hires Stella Price and family to manage Rovers.
Becky moves into taxi flat, buys into Streetcars when Lloyd wants out, argues with Tracy and is blamed for her miscarraige. Nearly dies after a fire starts at Christmas. Nick rescues her.

Chesney moves in with Katy, get pregnant. Move back to Number 3 while...
Stape accidentally (?) kills Joy Fishwick and has a breakdown. Fiz uses some of Joy's estate money (because lawyers think John is Colin). John kidnaps Hoyles and Chesney, tries to get Fiz to run away with him after Colin's body is unearthed. Jumps off hospital roof and escapes. Fiz goes to prison as accessory to the murders and for fraud. Trouble with inmates over drug ring. Convicted. When John returns, kidnaps Rosie, crashes car and confesses on deathbed, Fiz is out on bail, pending investigation.
Chesney loses Schmeichel. Katy gives birth to baby Joseph on Christmas Eve.

Money problems, sold off all shops except Corro one because there's no insurance on the ruined shop.
Amber returns, moves into shop flat, having failed out of uni. Amber flirts with Tommy and later Sophie.
Dev proposes, Sunita turns him down.
Aadi may be golf prodigy. Storyline is forgotten.
They discover Becky looted the shop after thinking Steve confessed to it to cover for Becky. Steve repays them.

Tyrone gives baby Jack to Kevin.
He takes in Tommy Duckworth, Jack's grandson, and gives him a job at the garage.
Gives Tina a place to live after breakup with Graeme.
Dates Kirsty, a cop, who moves in. Tina and Kirsty at loggerheads.
Decides to stop drug dealer whose girlfriend is hassling Fiz in prison. Assisted by Kirk and Tommy and Gary.
Nearly kills Kevin after he takes a crowbar to a hydraulic lift and damages it, causing it to collapse on Kevin.

Eileen arrested and fined for defrauding Owen
Eileen works at Underworld, but is laid off and then works for Frank Foster.
Sean and Marcus reunite and look after little Dylan over summer. Discuss adoption.
Rosie living with Jason
Dennis Tanner discovered to be a distant cousin to Eileen via his mother Elsie Grimshaw Tanner. Julie delighted.
Julie gets together with John/Colin's coworker Brian, victim to UFO joke by Ty and Tommy.
Eileen dates Paul the fireman after he rescues her from being stuck in factory railings but finds out he's married. His wife has Alzheimer's. Eileen keeps seeing him as a friend only.

Claire leaves Weatherfield after revealing she pushed Tracy who fell and got head injury New Year's Eve. Number 13 is sold to Lloyd and Cheryl and later to Steve.

Roy's mother Sylvia arrives after her husband dies. She moves in with Croppers and causes trouble with them and the neighbours. Locks Norris in loo overnight. Uses a competition slogan thrown out by Norris and Mary and wins a cruise. Croppers support Becky, Fiz, look after Hope while Fiz in prison until she gets spot in mother/baby unit.


Lloyd and Cheryl buy number 13, rebuild and move in. Cheryl's ex, Chris, moves in after he is discovered to have a brain tumour which he uses to get sympathy with Cheryl. They start an affair. She finds out he's getting better but lied saying it was worse. She leaves alone with Russ. Chris is run out of town when everyone else finds out about his lies. Lloyd is so heartbroken that he leaves Weatherfield for awhile, selling his half of Streetcars to Becky who uses her divorce settlement from Steve.

Maria dates Chris who dumps her when he finds out he has a brain tumour.
Maria works at Underworld but is scared by client Frank Foster who she feels attempted to rape her and she quits and returns to salon. Supports Carla after Frank rapes Carla.

Frank Foster buys into Underworld, gets together with Carla who doesn't love him but can't have Peter. Takes the blame for Carla drunkenly running Stella down. She calls off the wedding the night before and he rapes her. His mother takes over his role in factory. Carla attempts suicide, saved by Peter. Frank starts his own factory and steals business and workers from Carla.

Kirk gets job at Underworld, as does Becky but Becky, Eileen and Sally work for Frank after being laid off by Carla.
Tina makes Graeme marry Xin for immigration. Graeme and Xin fall in love and leave town. Tina moves in with Tyrone and Tommy, dates Dr. Carter

Dennis Tanner returns after 40 years. Moves in with Rita.

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