Monday 12 December 2011

Why Peter and Carla won't work out

Right. So after that blog post from a few weeks back about who Peter will choose and who he *should* choose, he's now gone after Carla. He loves her, he thinks maybe marrying Leanne was a mistake and is going to leave her.

One of the things he said on Friday night's episode was that he was treating her like he did booze, like a bad thing he had to stay away from. That is it in a nutshell. That's why this isn't going to work in the long run.

Peter is a man of addictions and I think Carla is one of them for him. It may or may not really be love but then he really loves booze too, in a love/hate sort of way. He thinks it makes all his problems go away but really, they only make them worse and that's what is going to happen with Carla, too.

Carla understands him in ways that Leanne doesn't because she's flawed like he is. So is Leanne but it's different. Carla has a drink problem and can identify with Peter's. Pity the writers seem to have forgotten that Leanne was once addicted to cocaine but then, that was only a flash in the pan thing anyway and probably best left in the past.

If I was Leanne's friend, and Simon wasn't involved in the equation, I think I'd tell her to leave him and let him stew in his own boozy juices. Love him she may but he's going to drag her down eventually. But Simon is involved and if he's going to have to watch his father's ups and downs like this, at least he's got Leanne to hold on to and help keep a little normalcy in his life. If she can stick it out, that is. And if she can't, then she might almost have a case for getting custody. Too bad she's not formally adopted Simon yet. I know there was talk about it but I don't think it went any further than that.

You know all this business about Leanne having trouble getting pregnant, already having been assured by the doctor that though it may take a bit longer, it could still very likely happen? Don't you think it's pretty obvious that she's going to get pregnant and quite likely Carla will as well? Standard Plot device. They used it before with Maria when Carla nearly took Liam off her. Maybe that's Weatherfield's cure for infertility, have your fella fall in love with Carla and bob's your uncle!

I really don't think Peter and Carla are suited, not for the long run. I think Peter needs Leanne and Simon a lot more than he realizes. I really don't think this relationship with Carla is going to go the distance but whether he and Leanne will manage to salvage anything is still up in the air.


Anonymous said...

Even if Carla and Peter have the odd arguement they still make the better Carla understands Peter where Leanne didn't and I LOVE! them! together and I LOVE! their CHEMISTRY! and PASSION! and yes! I still LOVE! Peter and yes! He's also SO FREAKING! HOT! and SO FREAKING! SEXY! He does this thing when He smokes a fag that drives Me CRAZY! don't even get Me started on what I'd LOVE! to do to! Him and have in My dreams, Peter can take Leanne to court over Simon seen as she isn't even hia Mom are the writers forgetting Leanne use to be a hooker Peter can kiss! Me anytime and He can also ring My bell....

Anonymous said...

I hope Carla and Peter stay together. They're brilliant to watch.

Simon should be back with his dad but I would say the last thing Peter needs is Leanne. She is such a hypocrite and she has never understood Peter like Carla does. This 'Saint Leanne' and 'perfect mother image' doesn't wash with me either.

Peter was terrible during the custody battle but Leanne's behaviour was the worst of the lot! She couldn't even put her own feelings aside for Simon's sake in the end. Carla was the only person who seemed to be able to do that!

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