Sunday 22 January 2012

Sunita has boobs!

What the heck happened to Sunita!?? We've known her for a long time now. She's dressed up and dressed down, she's a sexy woman but never in all her years has she exposed that much cleavage, even when she was bent on snaring a man like Ciaran or Dev.

Yet one hissy fit and one new job later, behind the bar, and her cups runneth over. I wonder if she dressed so provocatively specifically to wind up Dev who had been treating her like a doormat...for years, really. I can't blame her for getting fed up and quitting her job in the shop. Dev is a sexist twit for all he thinks of himself as a modern playboy type of guy. It's ok for him to dress sharp and speak softly and smoothly, flashing his hooded "bedroom" eyes at the "Ladeez" but it's not ok for his wife (no, they aren't actually married) to display herself in front of drunks and punters.

Ok, in a way, I can see his point. I'd be uncomfortable with people giving my partner ogling looks, too. Still, it's not as if she's working in a lap dancing club or a strip bar either. But... on the other hand, Sunita has *never* dressed with such low cleavage and an industrial strength push up bra! I can only think she went out and bought them on purpose because I doubt either of those wardrobe choices were in her closet prior to that.

Did she look hot? Yes she did! Her heavier-than-usual makeup looked smoky and sexy, too, as did her shiny, beautiful hair. It just struck me as way out of character for her to be falling out of her top like that. Maybe she was making a point as Dev suggested and we will see her ramping it back just a bit from here on.

Personally, I don't really think Sunita suits the pub as barmaid. She seems out of place there and the bar doesn't really seem to need the extra staff, either. I have a feeling that they have Sunita in place to take over the food service when they write Betty's death into the show, though she would still be working as barmaid too, as Betty did. I can see her in that role as cook/barmaid for some reason.



Rebecca said...

I cannot stand the woman and can't fathom why they brought her back!

maggie muggins said...

I can't see Sunita working at The Rovers for very long, though from the way she handled Dev's nonsense when he saw her there I think she looked like a pro at her job. A cook? Can anyone replace the hotpots after Betty's death occurs? I hope they don't go the way of the other soap and bring in a curry business, as it would be too copycat. Hopefully the hotpot will be given a place of honour on the menu in remembrance of dear Betty.

I love the character and hope they give her some better storylines other than Mum and Dev's better half. Maybe this is the beginning of that. She always was a typical Street woman - strong and not afraid to stick up for herself.

Tvor said...

She's certainly able to handle Dev, that's for sure. I suppose handling customers in the corner shop where they sell booze probably isn't a whole lot different than in the pub. She would have to deal with at least some drunk customers at times. I like Sunita too and as for her being a cook, well someone is going to have to replace Betty nominally. They may retire the hotpot but they'll serve something.

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