Monday 30 January 2012

State of the Street - January 2012

Kirsty's campaign against Tina notched up a ramp and pulled Rita into her net accidentally but finally, Tyrone realized what she was like. He took awhile but he started to notice how she's isolating him from his friends. and chucked her out. Until, of course, he found out she is pregnant and if it's not a fake, I bet it isn't his. Poor man, is he going to go through that again? I think it would be a real crime for them to do that to him twice in a row, the "it's not your baby" thing so maybe it will be his but the mother is a nightmare, or she'll miscarry. Poor Tyrone thinks this is his chance at being happy. But how on earth could he? Taking on a woman like that just because she's having your kid isn't going to make you happy.

We've already got quite a few babies and kids on the show - Joseph, Jack, Hope, Liam, Max, Amy, Simon, Faye, Aadi, Asha...oh, and Beth has a son as well. That's a whole creche worth of rugrats! I don't think there's ever been this many on the show at one time.

Amber is a game player. Sunita knows it. Dev doesn't get it. Amber was playing with Sophie's emotions once she realized Sophie was crushing on her and yes, she knew Sophie was probably making a mistake marrying Sian. I think she was as well. She rushed the engagement and wedding because of her own doubts. Kevin wasn't to blame for interrupting the wedding. For once, Kevin got a clue and didn't believe Sophie when she said she had no doubts. Maybe it was a blip, and of course she loves Sian but at that age, how can you really be ready to make a lifelong committment? After all that upheaval that seemed to be focussed on Amber, she got rewarded with a car for her 21st but both of them have been keeping a low profile.

Peter and Carla. I know triangles and affairs are soap staples but .... ICK! Michelle keeps running into Peter and Carla in the same places (cafe, pub etc) why isn't she suspicious since she knew about Carla's prior feelings. By the end of the month, as these things always do, Frank has figured it out and has the private investigator on their trail though he already did have a couple of weeks' head start and she didn't find anything until just before the trial. If Frank could run into them by accident, what's he paying that PI for, the one that said she was so good?

Meanwhile... Frank and Sally!!! I'm not surprised she developed a crush on him because he's exactly the sort she would go for, him being a "powerful", smooth, slick business man. Ian the car dealer was much the same. I really don't think Frank is over the moon about Sally. I think he was feeling vulnerable and she flattered him. He was on the rebound and needed comfort with the trial coming up and she's more than willing to give it. If you can't be with the one you love... and all that.

They didn't keep it a secret very long, though. Eileen and Beth saw them kissing and the news spread like wildfire. Kevin makes it all about him as usual and it's none of his business. I forgot that Sally had put the divorce on hold. That was a big mistake which is going to be rectified. Somehow though, when it all goes wrong with Frank, and it will because it has to (he's guilty), I think Kevin will be there to pick up the pieces and she'll let him. Yet again. But what are they going to do with Kevin otherwise? He's rapidly turning into a spare part.

We end the month with the trial just beginning. Carla's testimony was gruelling and spell binding (kudos to Alison King). Did you watch Frank's face while he listened to her describe the night in question? I thought his face went from a cold mask to a flicker of something. Guilt? Remorse? It didn't seem like anger and it was subtle. Bad guys always have to be punished but with rumours of Frank's imminent demise, he may very well get let free. And I think down deep, Frank knows darn well he is guilty.

It's too bad Katherine Kelly wanted to leave. She did an interview and said that if she hadn't, they would not have broken up Steve and Becky. I hate that they put him with Tracy but how great was it that Tracy's perfect wedding was busted by Becky after Tracy had done it to Karen! Payback is a bitch! The scheme to get the info out of Tracy's medical records was a bit silly and you wouldn't have thought they'd have got away with it but it's a soap and of course it did work very well.

I really did wish they had ruined the wedding, though. Leaving Steve "chained" to the cow isn't much of a revenge. Annullments are swift if the marraige isn't consummated, it may give Tracy the chance to bleed Steve financially, and leaving them married leaves it wide open for a reconciliation. Blech. Becky gets to fly off into the sky with a handsome fella, a little boy and a life on the beach. Realistic? Hey, it's a fairytale ending for a character who really needed one. What's not to love? Bye Bye Becky, farewell to one of my all time favourite characters.

I guess I'll have to console myself with Kylie. I really loved the new closeness between Kylie and Becky. They really have put it all in the past and are bonding as real sisters. It's too bad Becky left but I'm sure Kylie will keep in touch via t'interwebs. And since Danny's working for a hotel, i'm sure that means free accommodations for holidays! I guess the focus now should be on how Kylie manages to come to terms with motherhood because i'm sure it won't be a smooth road.

Was that whole stupid feud over the flipping pond all to bring the Faye and Owen thing to the forefront? Because the feud over the pond between the Platts and Owen was just silly. Surely they could have found another way to cause conflict between the po-faced Faye and Owen? Having said that, I'm glad Anna wasn't persuaded to have Owen back. He shouldn't have hit the child and no doubt had done it with his own kids when they were small. Katy and Izzy as much as told him they were afraid of him when they were growing up and that really stopped him in his tracks. It turned into some really excellent scenes with great acting all around. Having said that, it's possible they may reunite Owen and Anna eventually but that's just a guess, not a spoiler.

We've got Paul and Eileen lurching towards one another. I know it's meant to spotlight how difficult it is to care for someone with Alzheimer's at home but having them making all these excuses to see each other or being together when Lesley is in a respite care home for a couple of weeks just seems to give it a bad aura. The whole relationship has developed under a dark cloud. It won't last. I can sympathise with Paul, he's in a very difficult situation and he does very much need a friend and as much support as he can get. It's too bad Eileen has to find such a lovely man under these circumstances.

Best new character in years! Beth! Every scene she's in she makes me smile if not out and out guffaw! She's like Cilla but nicer, she's like Janice, too, but also nicer and more fun.

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maggie muggins said...

Oh, yes, it has been a good month on Corrie, hasn't it? You have made some spot-on guesses on outcomes in the past, Tvor. I sometimes wonder if you have an inside connection, you're that good!

True, the number of little'uns on the show is really growing. And I can't find much love for Kirsty adding to that number, even after she apologized to everyone. Can't we have some nice women for a change?

Peter & Carla, well that's going to go down well on the street! Never mind Frank's trial, is there anyone who will accept them as a couple? Sometimes affairs do turn into loving, good relationships, though it's unfortunate for the family. Peter's been sneaking around for too long though, wanting his cake and all that.

Sally, oh I'll refrain from comment on the daft woman. Kevin taking her back? Kinda repetitive, eh? And I agree that Eileen's relationship with Paul seems a bit creepy. He seems reluctant at times. Maybe if Paul's wife was more settled in care first, it wouldn't be so bad. I can't imagine what it must be like in real life for families going through that.

The Street is really tackling some dark themes, with Owen hitting Faye. I think he probably learned that from his parents and could eventually learn positive step-parenting. Given time, I could like him with Anna's family, though I still cringe at what he did.

Yes to Beth! Looking forward to Sylvia and Milton's saga. Missing Becky.

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