Friday 4 February 2011

The New Rosie Webster

Has Rosie Webster changed or are they writing her character a bit differently these days? Rosie was one of the most annoying characters on Corrie, for me. I didn't think much of the acting ability of Helen Flanagan and Rosie herself was shallow, vain and pretty much pointless.

Now? Well, it's not as if she's gained a lot of depth but she's a heck of a lot funnier than she used to be. She's still shallow and self absorbed but lately she's making me literally laugh out loud, not something I often do watching Corrie even if I find something amusing.

This week alone, she had me chuckling when she had Jason hold her mobile for her while her nails dried and then on Friday, for her modeling job, she took advantage of having a baby brother and took little Jack to the photo shoot only to bring home the wrong baby. Last week she came out with a brilliant line, "If I start making food for him, where will it end?" to which Tina sardonically replied "Chaos?" "Exactly!!" declared our erstwhile feminist (that's a joke, before you all start flaming me!)

It seems like Rosie's character has been turned slightly to the left and is heading in the direction of a comedic character, more than before. I think she was meant to be this way for some time but perhaps the writing just wasn't quite nailed down for the character and actor but they seem to be jelling quite well these days.

There have also been some nice scenes between Sophie and Rosie lately, since Sophie came out. Rosie has always loved her family but it hasn't come out a lot over the years. You might see rare moments between she and Sophie or with her parents but for the most part it was all about her. It still is but she's showing a little bit of compassion a little bit more often.

It's too bad they've stripped her of her former intelligence. She *did* have a good education even if she threw it away by not continuing. She *did* hold down a PA job at the factory for over a year and she couldn't have been that incompetent or they wouldn't have kept her on.  She was quite bright but you wouldn't know it to hear her these days.

Oh well, the Personality Transplant Fairy has to have a job to do now and then, I suppose.

Between her eclectic wardrobe choices, the improved writing and Helen's spot on delivery, these days I'm actually enjoying Rosie and that's something I never thought I'd say!

Just an addition to the above, something I just thought of... Wouldn't I just love to see Rosie unexpectedly fall in love with baby Jack? I mean totally enthralled with the wee baby, much to Sally's consternation! You might expect it of Sophie but you wouldn't of Rosie and i think it would really work. 

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aPony.calledTOOTS! said...

Personality Transplant Fairy totally has a free pass with Rosie. I do wonder where her brain has gone at times (ok every episode she's in), but then she makes me laugh and i dont care where it's gone. Dumb Rosie and Jason are perfect together. The first time I watched Sophie's wedding the "can't we just sort this out at the reception?" comment had me in stitches thru the rest of the scene. I'm gonna miss Rosie's humor when Helen leaves.

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