Friday 5 June 2009

The Corrie Cone of Silence

I was watching the show on Friday night and noticed something that i've noticed before. There seems to be a Cone of Silence over the Platt kitchen or at least a sound barrier between the kitchen and the living room. It happened a lot last night as David was home with Joe, but on the phone frequently with, first Gary and then mostly Graeme. He was circumspect with Gary but when on the phone with Graeme, he was using their code names and giving him instructions to "stay there" etc. yet Joe was in the living room watching telly with David just 10 feet away in the kitchen. Or vice versa. The two of them were in various locations between the two rooms yet Joe never questioned David or noticed anything really weird other than saying David was jumpy.

This isn't the first time it happened. Quite often someone will have a conversation sat at the living room couch which, if Gail in the kitchen had heard, would have made her hair stand on end and her eyebrows disappear into that massive 'do on her head. It's all open plan, there's no way it's that sound proof. Nobody whispers. Nobody is discreet. Yet it's only ever overheard if the plot line requires it but it's very unrealistic. All those houses are tiny and walls are thin. You can hear someone clearly when they're outside with a closed door between them and whoever is inside, yet they can't hear someone in the next room with no door and only part of a wall.

It happens in the pub too. The booths along the front of the pub are only about four steps from the bar but does anyone ever overhear conversations between either place? Rarely and most of the time, the pub doesn't seem that noisy nor is the music from the juke that loud. Yet you see people in the booth staring suspiciously at someone at the bar who's talking to one of the barmaids, or someone behind the bar watches a group in a booth with a guarded expression, wondering if the conversation is about them or not. Are they telling my secret? are they talking about me behind my back?

Gah. Soaps!!! I know, i know, i think too much and expect too much. Most of the time it doesn't bother me unless it's *really* obvious like David sighing loudly and calling Graeme by his code name over the phone just steps from Joe. Then it gets on my last nerve.

That is all.

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