Monday 8 June 2009

Corrie Ambulance Chasers 2009, Part 1

Last year on Corrieblog, I kept a running tally of the number of times someone got slapped in the face because it seemed like there was an awful lot of people getting smacked. 2009 is the year of the ambulance chasers. How many people have had medical emergencies where either an ambulance was involved or they had to seek medical attention? Here are the unlucky thirteen incidents for the first half of 2009, some with ambulances and some without.

January proves to be the busiest month for doctors and nurses for the first half of 2009. The new year comes in with a bang when Auntie Pam's stash of cooking oil catches a spark and explodes, leaving her and Darryl surrounded by pigeon feathers and smoke.

A few weeks later, Maria, at the end of her rope with nobody willing to believe that Tony Gordon killed her Liam and possibly Jed Stone,drove straight at Tony but swerved at the last second and crashed the car against the steps of Underworld. She had knocked Tony over and her airbag deployed. Ambulances were called and both were taken to hospital to be checked over. Maria's baby was unharmed and Tony was only bruised and scratched. The month ends with Gary goading David into a fight but though David throws the first punch, Gary makes a mess of David's face and an ambulance is called. David begins to plot revenge on Gary. A minor January incident sees Tyrone fainting at his own wedding but, like a trooper, he stands up and says I Do.

In a February non-999 call, a hospital patient that Janice befriended while on her community service, collapsed and died. Janice then decided she'd like to study to be a nurse or nursing assistant. She was keen for awhile bit her interest seems to have faded.

In March a drunken Peter sets fire to the flat over the betting shop. Peter and Simon are rescued by Tony and Luke and rushed to hospital. Peter is ok, but Simon has serious smoke inhalation damage but recovers quickly. Also in March, Graeme drops a bag of potting soil on Norris' neck, resulting in a neck brace for our friendly neighbourhood hypochondriac.

Just one incident in April which sees Joe collapse after putting his back out. He doesn't go to hospital but the doctor comes to the house and diagnoses a slipped disk. Painful! But at least it's got Gail and Joe back together, much to the chagrin of both Tina and David who have broken up by this time.

May had one ambulance appearance and, presumably, another one that we didn't see on screen. After all the revelations surrounding Colin, Paula and Julie, Colin collapses while trying to explain himself to Eileen. Colin subsequently dies of a stroke. Off screeen, an imprisoned John Stape was beaten up and taken to hospital, which tugged at Fiz's heartstrings even more when she saw his swollen bruised face afterwards.

June starts off with a bang but the month ends quietly. David set Gary Windass up to burgle Audrey's empty house. Only, he didn't realize Ted was going to house sit and Gary pushed a startled Ted around trying to get out of the house. Later on in the evening, back at Platt Towers, Ted has a heart attack and is whooshed away to the hospital by NeeNaw. Also this week, Maria has false labour pains and is seen to in the maternity ward.

A minor June incident has David hiding Joe's pain pills and when he can't find them, Joe goes beserk and threatens David who holds his ground. The next day, Joe tells David he spent 4 hours in A&E to get a shot and some more pills.

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