Thursday 26 May 2016

The Body under the Grannex - Day 5's revelations

While this was also the final exit of Carla Connor, most of the episode focussed on the discovery of the body of Callum Logan.
The stench from that dead body is already permeating the room. I thought David was going to hurl into the hole.

Carla is getting out of Dodge, probably to Devon but where will she live? Not in the restaurant she was buying with Nick, that's for sure. She's way more upset about Roy cutting her off than she is about Nick at this point. But it looks like Cathy isn't dead, at least.

David's telling Sarah and Kylie the bad news.

Oh don't make it about you, Michelle. Nobody gets you like Carla does? Not even your husband? Oh, she annoys me. Carla's determined to leave and it's not as if Michelle can't go visit and Skype her all the time. Understandably, Carla really thinks she's burned all her bridges and at this point, she probably has.
Tracy is definitely making it all about her. Locked up. Nearly killed. Poor thing. Amy! You rock. yes, get your violin. Fiddle while Tracy's life goes up in flames. Johnny's not going to admit holding her in the storage room and everyone else will lie to back him up!

Platts en masse look at the damage in the light of day. David runs away to get teas and coffees. Now David thinks Nick should leave as well, even if just to escape the pity party. Go on your honeymoon alone. No dice, He's going to stay around and take the pity, I guess.

Now. Robert has had enough. He admits making a mistake but Tracy took it and ran with it. He already knew that but let himself be talked into going back with her when he dumped her a few weeks ago. Maybe this time will stick. I certainly hope so. Never liked them together. Even Amy's jumping ship, doesn't want to be with her mother. At least that's one thing that can make Michelle smile today. Amy really told Tracy a hard truth. She knows exactly what her mother's faults are and she's not having it anymore. Yep, the ship is sinking all right. Will Ken throw her out? It wouldn't be the first time.

Still no body discovered. But the breakdown truck is finally extracted and the workmen found a body under the truck. Poor Tyrone probably thinks he ran over it! He did say last night he thought he bumped over something. It wasn't of course, but he did say. Meanwhile, Kylie and Sarah are bricking it!

Oh look, Cathy's awake. She's more concerned about the failed marriage proposition and Roy's ignoring the subject. Carla.... probably shouldn't have come but I think Cathy won't be too hard on her. Roy isn't going to be so forgiving. Cathy's trying to make peace. He's saying things that make it seem like he might forgive though he's still angry, it's clear. I don't think he realizes she's not just leaving the hospital, though.

And there we have it. There's a body under the breakdown truck and Gail's going to have nightmares about that body under her bed. Tyrone is relieved it wasn't him that ran over the body, at least. Eileen cracked a joke about it being one of Gail's husbands which was pretty funny but under the circumstances, probably not the best thing to say. Tyrone is relieved he didn't kill anyone and David, he came back and ran off again. What's he up to?

Jenny has given up the "hard to get" method, it seems. It's full out flirting between both sides.

Maybe Roy does realize Carla's going for good and there's Cathy knowing he'll regret it if he doesn't see her off. He is angry enough to have had a gut full of her crises. Still, I'd be surprised if he doesn't show up at the last minute.

Meanwhile, it looks like Carla might just get out of town momentarily. At least her family cares and they're seeing her off. Nick just ran past. I feel the worst for Johnny. He's just been able to acknowledge his daughter and he's losing her. And that's the first time she's called him Dad. Michelle didn't stick around after that, off in a flood of tears instead of seeing her BFF off. I understand what it feels like when your best friend moves away, I really do, and you do feel like you're being abandoned, but you keep that to yourself and wish her the best, promise to come, cry just a little and wallow afterwards. It's difficult enough for the person leaving.

David took the tickets to Paris off Nick and thinks they can escape. What, and leave Sarah behind? Yes, that's what he was going to do but Kylie thinks they should all confess. David still wants to go, Kylie wants to stay and face the music. Sarah thinks she's been through the worst and can be ok as long as they all stick together. Somehow I doubt that.

Oh but there's still one more person to confront. Maybe Tracy did want to be Carla. She's won in the end as far as her quest to get rid of Carla, but it looks like a very hollow victory.

Ohhh. Roy got home on the bus in time!

And here come the police. They found a credit card and they are pretty sure it's Callum. Kylie's reaction was good. Could even seem like genuine surprise.

Roy seems to accept Carla after all. The moment that got to me, though, was him suggesting she should try to love herself as much as "we all" do. That's really what it comes down to. He's right. And she can go away knowing he doesn't hate her.

I do think it's kind of sad that the great Carla Connor left with her tail between her legs, totally defeated. I suppose one woman can only take so much and knowing her habit of self destruction has been the ruination of her life not just this time, but a series of times, did her in. I also question her retreat to Devon where she was going to start a new life with Nick. Isn't it going to feel like rubbing that sea salt in the wound?

In any case, that's the last we'll see of Carla. Good luck, luv.

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