Monday 23 May 2016

Nick and Carla wedding: Day 1

This is going to be a bang-up week on Corrie. The week is going to be dominated by Nick and Carla's wedding though it will end with the gruesome discovery of Callum's dead body. I plan to blog through the five episodes, with screen captures, using the "running commentary" type of summary.

So, here we go, Day 1:

The wedding day dawns.
 Nick prepares for the day by going to a run with David. Good for stress, at least. He's smiling so it must be working.
 Nick seems fairly stress free so far, exchanging friendly words with Robert, joking with David while learning to tie a fancy tie which, by the way, I'm sure Nick could do with his eyes closed but perhaps it was for David's benefit.
Nick is happy for a change. But Carla's not. She looks full of doubts.
Amy is going to the wedding apparently and is all dressed up, much to Tracy's annoyance. She seems to be promising Robert she's going to behave. Nobody believes it, do they? A day that's all about Carla is not going to be one of Tracy's happy days.
Jenny wasn't invited and kind of feels bad about it. Probably because she wants to be Johnny's plus one. Later she made a play for just that role and got shot down. So much for playing it mean to keep him keen. She could end up shooting herself in the foot if she's not careful.
Aww Roy's throwing a wedding brunch for Carla. Sweet idea. Tracy dicovered it by accident, probably ignoring a Closed sign. More fuss made over Carla and Tracy just couldn't resist. She rerouted Carla's flowers! There was a card on the flowers in the cafe that told her where they were from. It was a quick thing, and you might have missed it and thought Tracy had a psychic moment knowing where to call.

Even at the brunch, Carla didn't seem too excited about her wedding day, though she did have a nice moment with Cathy.
Johnny is determined not to let Tracy ruin the wedding. She obviously manipulated the situation to take in a nice little chunk of Connor cash to replace the flowers which, frankly, were ugly. All of them big, fluffy white ones. Johnny didn't tell Carla, probably best but she'll find out anyway.

Wedding gifts as varied as the givers. Homemade from Sinead, charity shop tat from Fiz, unsuitable from Beth and Kirk, modern and trendy from Alya, a painting from Cathy depicting Carla and Nick as Eve and Adam, horrifically bad taste which actually had their faces reproduced quite accurately!

Sounds like Cathy is getting wedding ideas of her own.

Inserted for comedy purposes: Kirk is freaked out by the Toby jug and Tyrone used Fiz's dress as a towel! One worked and one felt contrived. You decide.

Johnny lured Tracy to the factory to "pay her", 900 pounds which is extortionate for what she replaced. He nailed it, too. Tracy really is jealous of Carla down deep, but she didn't like it pointing out. Luckily, Johnny wasn't about to let her follow through on her threat to spill the beans and locked her in a storage closet.

What will Episode 2 bring as we get closer to the wedding ceremony? Will Tracy get free? Will she spill the beans? 

Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

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