Tuesday 24 May 2016

Nick and Carla Wedding Day 3

Carla wants to talk to Nick alone. How much do you want to bet it's going to drag out for the whole episode. Everyone's curious and nobody knows what's happening though Robert probably has an idea as does Johnny.

Oh. Well. She confessed she was unfaithful. I didn't expect that. She won't tell him who. Will he get it out of her? Yes. Yes he will. Now it's Nick that looks like he's been kicked in the gut. She picked a fine time to confess. Stress. It's not good for Nick. His head's going to explode. Thar he blows!!!

Meanwhile, Jenny is happy to keep Tracy in the closet and enjoying winding her up. Play a song about being trapped, put it on repeat and scarper. Good on yer, Jenny!

Nick the nice guy. Nick the doormat. Carla's begging, fancy footwork and pretty words. Did they work? Doesn't look like it. She's playing a final act of desperation. She'll wait for him. Doesn't she know there's a back exit in the kitchen? He used it but he didn't go very far.

Carla's back on Gail's righteous crap-list. Roy is trying to keep her going. Don't despair. Patience. You will go on no matter what. David's heard the truth and Nick has been used and abused again, nice guys finish last. He's bound to be getting tired of that. He's not sure, maybe yes, maybe it was a one off just like he and Kylie.

While David and Nick are outside, we can hear the fire alarm going off in the factory. Tracy did that, we saw her light up some lace and eyeball the smoke alarm.

The wedding is off. Carla admitted it's her fault and said lovely words in his favour but he's willing to forgive and forget. He wants to get married! Looks like what David said to Nick worked after all. Did you ever think you'd see the day when David was The Voice Of Reason? Me either.
 Laughed at David threatening to wipe the floor with Robert. Talk about David and Goliath!

Over to the factory, the alarm is turned off. Tracy didn't set a fire, just heated up the smoke alarm enough to set things off. Now she's out and she's loaded for bear and headed straight for the Bistro where the wedding is now under way. Vows are sworn.

Tracy interrupts the wedding with a big objection and told everyone what it was but Nick took the wind out of her sails. Problem is, Carla never told Nick all the secret, didn't get a chance. So Tracy filled in all the blanks but Nick married her anyway. I didn't expect that.

Why on earth is Tyrone buying Fiz a dress for the wedding now? Ah, trying on for a photo shoot but don't actually pay for it! And it's *still* a frumpy, ugly dress!

Speeches. Father of the Bride. Groom who is very grateful. But in the end, the shadows and the stress start boiling in Nick's brain. Suspicions. Irrationality. And it's over. Done. Finito. The groom has left the building.

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