Friday 29 March 2013

Speculation gone wrong

I was wrong. I freely admit it. On the whole, I'm pretty good at predicting how soap stories will unwind. But of course, I don't always get it right and I didn't this time.

While I did know that Tyrone would not be convicted, (soap law and all that) I had thought that Kirsty's mother would be instrumental in her being found out. I had seen papparazzi pics of them outside the courtroom and later, we saw Kirsty admit the truth to her mother. AHA! But no. It didn't unfold quite that way.

While Alison did show up at the trial and her appearance did throw Kirsty off, she didn't turn Kirsty in and Kirsty kept up the pretense and committed perjury. That alone will get her banged up even without wrongful charges against Tyrone. Kirsty herself was the one that hoisted herself by her own petard when she lost her temper at Julie and Julie realized that Tyrone's defenders were right. It was a brilliant twist and it was the best way to show that everyone was backing the wrong horse. What I was further surprised at is that Julie's testimony was not considered admissable.

Luckily, Kirsty showed up and dramatically confessed. I thought that might happen but I thought Julie's testimony would be the turning point with that as a wrap up, on the stand perhaps. It was a great twist. Even though I persue spoilers rabidly, this was not leaked and I still appreciate surprises like this. I'm kind of glad I didn't know! Chaos ensues and everyone is screaming and hurling accusations.

I hope the apologies that come to Tyrone and Fiz for this are profuse and unending. Tyrone probably won't have to buy a pint for himself for a year at least. I was going to say "in the pub" but obviously, it'll have to be the Flying Horse of the Weathy Arms for the time being, the Bistro notwithstanding.

My next prediction? Well, we all know Karl started the fire in the pub and really, he's not evil, just obsessed with Stella and getting his old life back. All this guilt is going to eat at him and he'll break down eventually. There will be an act of desperation and he'll either get caught at it or he'll confess. Right now he's covering his tracks and everyone now believes Sunita started the fire. Even Dev is having doubts. I'm not surprised. We've already seen everyone on the Street believe the worst of Tyrone and pretty much anyone else that's ever been arrested. I'll give the Price clan a break because they haven't known Sunita for years.

He'll have to go to jail, of course, because I don't think he'll die and it'll leave the door open for his return. I do like actor John Michie. He was wasted in the Sunita affair storyline mainly because it totally trashed Sunita's character. No fault to either of the actors however. They do what they've been scripted to do. Now he's really playing it well. You can see all the emotions Karl is feeling all the while trying to desperately hang on to Stella's growing regard.

My last prediction is how the truth about Kylie's affair with Nick will come out. Sally knows the truth. I have a feeling that Sophie could overhear she and Gail discussing it and decides it's her Christian duty to tell David. Maybe she might not know about Nick specifically. Sally is often one to let her tongue get away with her too, though, in moments of stress.

I've been watching various soaps for so long that you can spot the signs and you know the drill. Bad guys pay. Happy couples aren't usually allowed to stay happy for long. Most weddings and funerals don't go smoothly. The wrong person is always arrested and jailed. The guilty or the ultimate victim is either an actor that's leaving or someone unimportant to the show. Or both. A one night stand with the wrong person will end in pregnancy. Most babies are born in unusual circumstances (storm, remote location, at home, in a taxi!). The list goes on. It's fun to predict, and speculate, isn't it?

Anyway, that aside, now Tyrone has to rebuild his life and it will be interesting to see where it goes from here. He'll have to go back to work at the garage now because Kevin will be off our screen for the foreseeable future. He and Tommy will be running things while Fiz and Tyrone settle into a new life together with the babies. Hope is in a day care/creche so probably Ruby will go there as well. Maybe they'll even get married. Fans have been clamouring for these two to get back together for years and it's finally happened!

Will it be happy ever after for them? Is it ever, on a soap?


Dubcek said...

I hope they wrap up the Karl/fire story line soon as in no more than a month or six weeks anything more would be unrealistic and too soap predictable if they drag it out for a year or more to make the outcome more "sensational".

I have never liked the Tyrone/Fiz affair as I felt it detracted too much from what was after all supposed to be about domestic abuse and parental rights and the affair just jeopardised it.
Fiz to me just seems to be very similar to Kirsty a control freak but without the violence.
Maybe that's why Tyrone keeps ending up in the situations he does, his mother was crap so he's looking for a replacement mother.

Anonymous said...

Fiz and Kirsty have similar hair so the shadow of either would look similar. I doubt that Tyrone would have given Fiz a second look if Kirsty had not changed his life into a nightmare (which means that Kirsty made her worst fears come true). Nightmares don't end just because the events that gave rise to them do - Tyrone is apt to startle easy, react to shadows, be overly fearful and protective or Ruby - which may make Hope jealous.

I can forgive Kirsty because her violence comes from a place of fear - she loses it when she feels powerless and her more calculated violence is to remove threats from her life. In the end, from what people who don't live in Canada tell me, she did the right thing.

Fiz seems protective of Chesney - what is Tyrone's opinion on the issue now that he is part of the family?

Karl's violence comes from a different place - that of entitlement, ego and the sense that the bad things he does are not really his fault after all but someone elses. I would say that he is the personification of Bruce Springstein's Glory Days except that, despite all the evidence to the contrary, he still thinks that he's that person.

Soap rules dictate that when there are siblings, they have to be on opposite sides of the issue but wondering if Eva is inclined to prefer anyone that isn't Jason for some reason. Will have to stop hating Leanne for a little while.

I can't understand how Karl can do no wrong in Gloria's eyes. Maybe the two of them should hook up.


Tvor said...

VAudree, yes exactly this. Kirsty's violence.... She grew up knowing only this, it's damaged her and while we can hate the character for what she does, we can also see why she does it. Tyrone grew up with an abusive mother and was more likely to take it as it's all he had known as well.

Karl most certainly is doing the things he does from a very different angle. He lost everything and is responsible for it himself. He was sorry, but only that he'd got caught, figuring he'd be able to talk Stella round as always. He didn't and his life went horribly wrong. He's doing his from desparation and selfishness.

Ginger Beer said...

I think the Kylie/Nick storyline will take a lot longer to resolve. Nick and David both have different dads, both have different genetic backgrounds and therefore probably have different blood groups and definitely different tissue types. Perhaps the kid will need a transplant of some kind (bone marrow, for instance) and that's how its paternity will be uncovered.

As for Karl and the fire, that's gotta bubble under for a wee while yet - when's the next Bank Holiday weekend?

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