Friday 21 January 2011

Political Incorrectness

With the news this week that Peter Barlow is apparently going to attack Nick in revenge for the affair with Leanne, people are cheering him on. Nick has been manipulative and sneaky, he persued Leanne until he wore her down and then encouraged Peter to drink to get Leanne to leave him. Lower than a snake's belly in a pothole, that! So in the realms of tv land, Nick deserves it.

Not in reality, of course. But it also got me thinking.... what about Leanne? She may have been persuaded but she participated fully in the affair. It's politically incorrect and morally wrong for Peter to put a physical pasting on her for her betrayal.  Men aren't supposed to hit girls! You don't see that on tv, not often anyway and not on a soap. The most you ever see is a slap unless it's a storyline about spousal abuse and the culprit is very much not cheered on.

So why is it that it's ok for Peter (or any man in a similar situation on a soap) to be seen going all postal on the Other Man when he's been just as betrayed by his wife/girlfriend yet it's ok for a woman to scratch and slap and wallop the Other Woman or the husband/boyfriend, too, when the opposite situation happens? 

I'm not saying it should be ok, either. Far from it. Violence is never a correct response though sometimes it's understandable why people lash out. But why can't Peter find a way to put Nick through the public humiliation he deserves instead? Ruin his reputation, turn his Mummy and Gran against him and give David another reason to cackle at his brother's misfortune. Even Ken would huff "Violence isn't the answer, Peter!!"

And you know, if Nick had stopped at the affair and not stirred the pot with his utterly reprehensible plan to lure Peter, an alcoholic, back down into the bottle, maybe it wouldn't have turned violent, or just a routine punch up in the Rovers, done and dusted like most people do.

Apparently there *will* be humiliation for Leanne. I think. Another spoiler tells us that there will be a wedding, and they've been filming it this week. However, I also thought I read something awhile back that Peter blows Leanne out of the water at the altar and reveals the affair to everyone. Far more PC with humiliation served up like a grand finale. I don't know if it's a real spoiler or a tabloid-made-up one but I can see it happening. It's standard Soap Opera stuff, jilting at the altar.

If it happens, I'm going to say "Poor Leanne" but *only* because the woman has had more than her share of being publically humiliated over the years. She always bounces back but how much can one girl take? That's the only reason i'd have any sympathy for her because she shouldn't get off scot free. She was in the wrong as well.

If there was any justice, I would have been far happier to see Leanne rip Nick a new one instead. I doubt Peter will kill Nick or even go too far, more than a few blows before someone interrupts the rampage which is apparently going to take place in the rubble of the viaduct.


Laura said...

I think that Peter's character is one that would go for the public humiliation.
I like him a lot but, he's got a vicious mean streak...


indeg said...

It's an interesting one. I'm hoping it isn't as violent as the media are making out, as I'd rather Peter kept his nose clean despite the provocation. I can see why the bulk of his rage would be aimed at Nick over Leanne, though, although both have betrayed him. With Leanne it is more complicated because Simon loves her so much. With Nick the rage and hate can be much cleaner, plus it isn't just the fact that Nick slept with Leanne, but various other levels of betrayal heaped on top of that - the mind games and manipulation, taking advantage of Peter's vulnerability and playing games with his life, and all the rest of it.

Also, if Peter is still drinking at that time, his judgement will be skewed all the more.

I would rather it didn't come down to violence at all, and am hoping that the news reports are over-dramatising things, but I suppose only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I've never found the Peter/Leanne relationship convincing. Danny Baldwin and Nicky are more her type and I find it irritating her trying to be a "good wife and mother to Simon" when shes such a hussy. I like these characters because they do a great job but Peter is a fave. If he's back on the market I say let Julie have a crack at him!

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