Friday 25 January 2013

Well Done, Mr. C

I've been reading blog comments and forum comments on The Coronation Street Blog criticizing some of us bloggers as being "bitter" and negative towards Phil Collinson. Some have pointed out that while overall, that blog seems to be negative towards him and his tenure, he did end up helming Corrie to an NTA this year.

I've never really come out for or against Collinson before now, not that I can remember. I know that I tend to be more neutral about such things but thinking of the storylines over the past couple of years since he's been at the "con" makes me realize I've liked an awful lot of what he's done even if there's been things I didn't like as well.

He gave us Natalie Gumede and this great storyline she's in with award winning Alan Halsall. It's a pity we'll lose her but it's Soap Law for villains. He has given David and Kylie some great stuff and I've always enjoyed Lewis' storylines. He also married Roy and Hayley well and truly. 

He gave us a new Mrs. Tanner for the Street and I loved Rita and Dennis' romance. I can't say I've been over fond of Tina and Tommy's capers with the loan shark though I enjoyed Terry Duckworth's return prior to that. I don't mind the surrogacy storyline aside from Tommy sulking all over the place and I always enjoy Gary and Izzy. 

Obviously the tram crash was another highlight as was the Peter and Leanne and Carla fallout. I've enjoyed watching those three and Nick's part in the ensuing tales. He was the producer during much of the truly bizarre John Stape/Colin Fishwick twists and turns. I really enjoyed seeing what was coming up next in that storyline, too.

He's been roundly criticized for bringing in Michelle Collins as Stella to run the pub. I dislike Stella because she's a dull character and not very well acted. She doesn't have the kind of chemistry that past landladies have had. She is thrust into all kinds of storylines where she doesn't belong and it really felt like she was being pushed on us and that was to force us to like her. I've gotten used to her but I still don't like the character or the actor over much. Score one against Collinson for this.

Score another one against him for bringing back the detestable Tracy Barlow. I won't even get started on that one. He's completely ruined Sunita with that horrible affair with Karl, another waste of talent on both parts. Oh, and the Graeme and Xin method of exiting the lovely Mr. Proctor was ill-thought out,  too.

The icky Molvin storyline was absolutely awful and I hated it from start to finish but we also got some great fallout from it and Molly's death with the breakdown of the Webster marraige and Ty and Kevin's friendship which has only recently been tentatively mended. That has to be a neutral score there.

I liked the introduction of Mandy for Lloyd but so far this Jenna and Sophie thing isn't very believable for me. I didn't care for the Alzheimer's storyline though the actor playing Lesley was very, very good. I thought it was out of character for Eileen to be involved with that whole situation the way she was.

Frank Foster was a cold and calculating villain and his mother was a joy to watch in her bitchiness and ultimate breakdown. While having Carla raped wasn't very enjoyable to watch, we did get some excellent performances and it was the ultimate straw that broke the back of Peter and Leanne. 

There were storylines that left me flat (Marc/Marcia), characters I don't/didn't like and actors I don't feel have a lot to contribute. That's normal, isn't it? There are far more that I do like, both storylines and actors. Other wonderful characters that have either been introduced or developed further include Marcus, Julie, Brian, Beth, Craig, Eva, Gloria (and I look forward to her return!), Gary, Izzy and even Owen though he isn't a likeable person but well performed. All good things.

There have been annoyances and downright irritations during Collinson's tenure but overall, I have never been tempted to give up Corrie for a dead loss and overall, I've enjoyed far more of it than not. You can't please everyone with everything you've done.

What I've disliked, others have enjoyed and vice versa so from me, well done Mr. C.

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