Tuesday 1 January 2013

State of the Street - December 2012

December sees the return of Carla and Peter and Carla hasn't been too successful beating the bottle. Five minutes back and she's popping the cork! I don't blame Leanne for being pissed off at Carla for trying to pick up Simon at the school while drinking. I'd have had a go at her too and I have to say, that was a great fight!

Peter was only planning to visit and they were going to move to L. A. permanently but you knew that wasn't going to happen. Peter stayed so Carla left and came back in a Christmas Eve surprise. While she was gone, though, Peter wasted no time trying to make inroads into Leanne's feelings. Sort of felt like "Carla Who?" Peter's not happy about Leanne marrying Nick and Peter's appearance has sparked up that old Black Magic in Leanne's heart and doesnt Peter know it!

But it's annoying too. Peter couldn't live without Carla. He had to have her even over the needs of his son and within minutes of seeing Carla run for the airplane he was making doe eyes at Leanne again, pretending he just had her best interests at heart but he moved on her fast when he caught her drunk, disorderly and very vulnerable on the eve before her wedding to Nick. Yes, she was making a mistake but Peter so obviously had ulterior motives telling her that.

As her and Nick's Christmas wedding approached, we all waited with bated breath. Would she marry Nick or would his heart be broken yet again? Yep, thought so. Peter tried to work his magic and nearly succeeded and if Carla hadn't come back when she did, it's very possible Peter would have been quite happy to have her back.

But since she did, Leanne went running back to Nick at the last minute and she would have gone through with the wedding but spiteful Eva couldn't stand it. She had to spill the beans and blew the whole thing out of the water and even then, tried to get hold of Nick in case he needed a shoulder to cry on but Nick found comfort in Kylie who needed comfort from the vileness David was heaving at her during the stag night.

Personally, I don't want Peter and Leanne to get back together. He's done too much to hurt her and it's so hard to come back from that again. But there's Simon and that's a strong pull, too. Peter has been maintaining the Zen calmness all through this but it's amazing how fast he went running back to Leanne when Carla left him. I do believe he loves Carla but Leanne has a lot of pull for Peter as well.

David has a bee up his arse about being a father to a tyke of his own and Kylie has discovered she's good at something and wants to build a career on it. What's David's hurry, really, when both of them have barely cracked the edge of 21. They've got years to make more babies. David pushed and pushed so hard that Kylie ran, as was her usual M.O. and right into the arms of Nick who was in great need of comfort after ditching Leanne. What's the end result? Yep. A shag under the Christmas mistletoe.

Now, anyone who knows anything about soaps knows where this is going. A shag with the wrong person almost always results in pregnancy and with Kylie almost leaving David and returning, you can bet there was some make up sex. It'll be a case of "Who's the daddy" and even Kylie won't know. That's just the way these things *always* work so it's no spoiler. It's anyone's guess how this will turn out if Kylie goes through with the pregnancy. I think if she gets pregnant and terminates it and David finds out, that's her out on her ear and there will be no going back, not after Tina did the same thing, but I don't think they'll do that to David twice and where would be the drama in that, after all? 

It was inevitable. Fiz and Tyrone, Redux. After her strong support in his time of need, you knew they would get together. I did wonder if Tyrone has a death wish, though, what with Kirsty's propensity for using bunt objects and booted feet. I mean, if you were with a partner that beat you, would you start up an affair with someone they already suspected of doing just that and who lived 2 doors down? Probably not but poor Tyrone is about to go under and Fiz is his lifeline.

But then Fiz ended up unconscious on the floor, overcome from a gas leak after Tyrone fixed her boiler. Was his repair faulty or did Kirsty find out about their affair and try to kill Fiz? As we end the month and year we are going to have to wait until January to find out. It could just be that Ty made a mistake but it could be the mistake that gets him caught out by Kirsty if she wasn't the culprit herself.

January sees their scheduled wedding. Will they or won't they? Some comments I've read indicate people think the storyline will be over one way or the other by then but I don't think so. I think it's still got a ways to go and a few more twists in the road, especially if they don't get married. Then Tyrone still needs to do something so he won't lose Ruby and he'll still be tied to Kirsty but Kirsty is bound to find out about Fiz soon, at least. 

We had a little comedy this month too, with Dennis the lollipop man feuding with Steve the taxi man. So Dennis is banning Steve from the Kabin and Steve is banning Dennis from his cabs. I think Steve is the winner here, doesn't Dev still sell cigs? Mike Baldwin always shared his custom between the Kabin and the corner shop for his cigars. Steve wouldn't have to go far for them at least. It's all a bit silly but a little light hearted silliness is waranted when there's a lot of aggro going on and I absolutely loved Dennis' cohort Malcom, the leader of the lollipops.

Kirkys Turkys was also fun. I don't know why some people look down on stories like this one. Back in the day, this is the kind of story Corrie would have on a regular basis, someone with a hair brained scheme to make money and have it all go pear or, in this case, turkey shaped. I am surprised that one plug from Beth's flat could keep the electricity running in the old butcher shop including an industrial freezer. How come the circuits in the flat didn't blow out? It's quite a load on them. Anyway, good fun all around and it gave us some good lines.  I won't forget that army of frozen turkeys floating down the canal in a hurry!

Speaking of silly, though, what the hell is that with Stella shagging Jason???? No No No NO NO! Talk about the worst rebound affair ever! It's ludicrous!! Even getting to see Jason in his wherewithall isn't worth it and it's got nothing to do with the age difference.  It feels like a rebound on both their parts with the additional advantage of Stella being able to rub Karl's nose in it.

Oh yes, and reminiscent of the past, there was Emily, babysitting, and nodding off on the sofa. The last time that happened, Richard Hillman snuck in and nearly killed her, first with a pillow and next, with a crowbar when he also killed Maxine. You'd think she'd have had all the doors locked and would stay alert but Fiz had no problem slipping out the back.

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