Friday 29 June 2012

State of the Street - June 2012

Why can't people just have a happy wedding day? Why is there always some problem? At the very least, one of the couple is late, at the worst, and this was the worst, someone is kidnapped. Will someone PLEASE just call the flamin' police! This must be breaking all the laws of storyline decency!

And with the more dire storyline! I liked the Tommy and Terry bits last month but the Rick thug storyline was just as bad this time around as it was last time when Rick was coming after Joe and then Tina for money. If there was any justice, Tina dumped Tommy for good and then took him back and she had to get involved and it (nearly) ruined Rita's wedding day. At least she dumped him again but will it stick? Of course not. It only lasted a few days. In real life, I think it would have been a tough one to forgive. It was bad enough what he did but with Rick, the man she's had prior tragic dealings with due to her father?

The wedding did happen, though and wasn't it lovely?

The custody battle was in full force. Leanne and Peter at each other's throats, Carla actually trying to be the peacemaker. Peter was willing to drag up all of Leanne's dirty past but he's no saint. On top of the alcoholism, and let's face it, he can't seem to keep off the booze for more than a few months at a time, he's got that fire he started while drunk, he confessed to a murder he didn't commit, effectively ready to abandon his child, and there's the whole bigamy thing where Lucy only gave him Simon back because she was dying.

Every time Simon kicks off or is caught stealing or whatever, Peter says he realizes what it's doing to Simon but then Leanne gets his dander up again and he gets stubborn all over again and Simon suffers some more. Was it any wonder Simon decided to drink a bottle of wine he'd found after the example he's been given? Finally, Peter's thick skull has been penetrated. Finally, he listened to Simon, and did the right thing. What powerful scenes they were, too, when he talked to the lad and gave him to Leanne later, collapsing in tears as Simon left. But the the problem is that Leanne let St. Ella pour poison in her ear and she wouldn't let Simon go out with Peter. Talk about being a hypocrite! She can't have it both ways.

I could see that one coming. Nick never lost that soft spot for Leanne. Since it looks like Leanne and Peter aren't going to get back together and Leanne's confidence has really taken a beating, I'm not surprised she reached out to him for comfort, at the very least. She's been the love of his life but I don't think it goes both ways. He's still head over heels but I think she's using him as a consolation prize. Or is it just leftover unclosed issues for her first love? Is she just looking for someone to take care of her? Nick is only too happy to comply.

Well at least that romance has a remote chance of getting somewhere. Possibly. Maria developing a crush on Marcus is understandable but it's a dead end. She knew it down deep but she's lonely and he's lovely. Sean's jealous radar had more to worry about with Marcus' coworker. I don't want to see Marcus and Sean split up because it might mean Marcus would leave the show but Sean's jealousy is going to push Marcus right out the door. It's happened before and it's happening again.

Sunita's lies caught up with her. It's one thing to sneak around and make excuses, but once she got caught with the wad of Karl's gambling proceeds and had to pretend it was hers, she scrambled and excused and bluffed but Dev was suspicious and rightly so. Nothing is going to make that go away now. He's going to be watching her like a hawk. What's her modus operandi? Leave him. Anyone with eyes can see her and Karl giving each other smouldering looks but the only one to catch on was Eva.

But Sunita's plan of camping out at the pub, hoping to persuade Karl to unreject her didn't work. He never loved her and really, I don't think she loves him, she just saw him as a way out of a dead end. That didn't work so she went back to the dead end and sealed her fate by asking Dev to marry her. As heartbroken as he was, and as much as his trust is crushed, he snapped it up and all is forgiven. But is it? You know the affair will be discovered. These things always are. Then we'll be in for some extremely painful emoting as Dev's heart breaks.

Stella has Karl out on his backside, binbags at the ready because xhe thinks the only problem is his gambling. He can't see the problem because after all, he won, didn't he? And he whined that he did it for her. Typical. He really can't see he's got a problem, can he, not if he can go around blaming everyone else for his decisions. But you know, St. Ella will take him back. She always does.

Eva and Nick broke up but let's face it, yet again, Nick had a girlfriend that he wasn't really that into. He was already shying away from her push for committment and her jealousy over Kylie gave him the excuse he needed. Now he's back with Leanne and Eva's feeling very betrayed. I can't really blame her there but that didn't stop Leanne.

Sister or no sister, she was re-bound and determined. I bet she wouldn't have done it had it been Toyah's ex, though. Leanne's going to break Nick's heart and he knows very well she's not in love with him but he'll do anything to be in her life. The fact that it winds up Peter is only a bonus and Peter's insecurities are not going to make it easy.


Anonymous said...

Hmm... Marcus and Sean?

Tvor said...

There's usually a few storylines i don't touch on, i mainly go over ones that move me to comment more so than just a quick summary of the month's storylines. I think Marcus and Sean will feature more next month.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Marcus and Sean broke up!!!! :'( I am gutted. I really like them together. If only Sean would want another kid then he could make Marcus happy. Why does Sean think that Marcus won't love him any less if they have kids? Sean sure is selfish isn't he?

abbyk said...

I don't mind the split of Sean and Marcus, although I hope they both stick around. I like Sean, in small doses, with the factory girls and at the Rovers, and Marcus is the only professional on the street and a good friend to everyone else. They are too different in too many ways (intelligence, temperament, maturity, family plans,...) to work in any way except as an old married couple a la Deirdre and Ken.

Anonymous said...

I adore Marcus. I am the mother of a gay son and I would love for him to meet someone like Marcus!
I have always liked Sean but he is very needy and self-absorbed and I think Marcus can do better.

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