Tuesday 26 June 2012

You didn't *always* want to be a dad, Nick

Everyone has been screaming all week about Nick telling Leanne he always wanted to be a dad, especially when he was the one that used emotional blackmail and pressured her into a termination when they were married.

But let's be fair about this.

They were kids. They weren't even 20 years old. Leanne was 16 when they got married, Nick 17 and the marraige ended just a year or two later. Nick buggered off to Canada and Leanne was left to pick up the pieces of her life.

It's something people say. "I always wanted..." or "I never wanted...." when they don't mean it literally. Not really. But they probably mean "For a long time" and Nick, once he finally grew up and gained a bit of maturity, probably does regret what he did back then, how he handled everything and how much he hurt Leanne. They did revisit some of that when they had an affair before the tram crash.

I'm taking the view that Nick didn't mean it literally and just wanted to make sure Leanne knew that he was willing to take the whole package, she and Simon. It's always been obvious that Leanne is the love of his life. I'm not so sure he's the love of her life. 

Having said that, Leanne really did seem to be talking herself into it. Stella was right about her not having Peter so she's settling for Nick and I think that's really the way it is. The word is "Rebound" and it's classically obvious that's what she's doing. The more Stella scolded her, the more Leanne made up her mind. Nick will take any piece of Leanne that he can get and he's going to get hurt again, sooner or later.
This isn't to say that I think it's a bad storyline because I do like it and it'll throw another wobbler into Peter and Carla's little world, too, because Peter will not like Nick playing daddy with Simon.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, couldn't agree more, the focus of these storylines has always predominatingly returned to Leanne and Peter, the issues remain revolved around them, Peter and Carla burned itself out as soon as it lost whatever excitement factor of the affair and we see nothing of them as a couple in their own right, they've fast become an afterthought and that last episode has swiftly made the same statement of Leanne/Nick before they've even had a chance to get off the ground, Peter and Leanne's interaction blew Nick off the screen and combinded with the reaferming of how much Peter's presence overwhelms Nicks, in seconds of screentime this hole 'romantic hero' image they've forced on the not so long ago, slimey manipulative creep was shattered.

Hmmm, so in closing I smell a Leane/Peter christmas reunion being built up. Both actors may aswell be hinting at as much and certainly have made clear where their loyaltys still lie.

I'm not even a member of team any of them, thats just how I've always seen it, Leane/Peter is the only one of these couple combinations who has ever actually felt like the creative team took the time to invest in them and worked to make them feel like a real family with an actuall genuien identity to them, as though they actually had something worth fighting for.

Tvor said...

totally agree. Nick and Leanne are not going to make the long haul and I always thought Carla and Peter would fizzle out. They are two alcoholics leaning on each other (yes i know she's not admitted it but she certainly has a lot of the danger signs) I always loved Peter and Leanne as a couple and they have amazing chemistry, though to be fair the three actors are all really really good and yes, though i think Ben Price is doing a good job of Nick, who isn't all that sympathetic a character, they're way better than he is.

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