Tuesday 5 June 2012

The wedding of the year: Love it, Hate it

Things I loved (or at least enjoyed) about the wedding episodes:

  • Rita really looked lovely! That was most definitely a Rita hat, too! There's life in the old girl yet!
  • Ken being Dennis' best man. Ken is the oldest friend Dennis has on that street since they grew up together. They looked very smart in their frock coats, too!
  • I chuckled at Mr. Smug (Norris). He couldn't stand not knowing what was going on and even confessed to interfering in order to find out. And when the wedding went through after all, he scowled and sighed and was very much put in his place.
  • I loved the vows.
  • The song that played as she came into the venue was "On the Street Where You Live". Very appropriate. She also sang that at the millenium street party if you remember.
  • Faye was being really nice to Anna and Owen and acted very grow up, accepting that they really did want to be together. 
  • We only got a glimpse but David dressing as Johnny Rotten was appropriate and so was Kylie as the wild child Amy Winehouse. 
  • I'm very glad we were spared the costuming of characters like Deirdre, Gail,  and especially Scary Mary! 
  • Rita was very brave and feisty even in the hands of a threatening thug. She was clearly scared witless but shouted at Tina to drop the drugs in the water, hoping Rick was just bluffing about throwing her in after them.
  • Tina making a stand and taking things, and the drugs, into her own hands. Enough of weak spineless Tommy bowing down. She didn't think it through but she'd had enough of Rick what with his involvement in her father's death and now this. 
  • Kirsty came through in the end, probably against her better judgement in part and they caught Rick red handed. Thank GOD/DESS this drugs storyline is over!
  • Tina dumped Tommy. He deserved it.
  • There's a new, red headed Mrs. Tanner! (and wearing Elsie's engagement ring, too!) 
Things I hated, disliked or just scratched my head in confusion over:

  • Sophie's wedding outfit. Short hotpants, heels and a big, white, fluffy thing on the side of her head. Really?
  • Tina was Rita's bridesmaid, not Emily or Audrey? Obvious plot device.
  • How did Kirsty know where Tina and Rick were? She didn't tell Tommy. Possibly she called Kirsty when she was waiting for Rick. Ty and Tommy couldn't get hold of Kirsty and she was probably busy setting up the police sting, likely. But it was a bit confusing. I must watch the episode again.

I must say the wedding shenanigans were much more interesting than the Jubilee party itself. The costumes were fun but it was mostly just people running around in costume with not a lot of plot happening. Jason as Elvis had a few chuckles, with his Elvis-like comments. I'm sure some of them were ad-lib! There was the hotpot business, Tracy chasing Steve around (boring, and I thought he looked more like a young Elton John than John Lennon),  and a little bit with Owen and Anna getting back together . Which leads me to ...

The downright nasty:

That awful, repulsive Sunita and Karl mess. Why didn't they go up in the flat like they have been? Why go into the shop back office when the flat was 10 feet further around the corner? And that cringeworthy line of Sunita's about wearing nothing under her costume just doesn't fit on Coronation Street. I don't think it even fits on Eastenders! It just defies belief and taste.

Overall, a really lovely wedding. Weddings, unfortunately, can never run smoothly and if it had to be like this, then at least they've caught the bad guy and that storyline is done and dusted.

Other comments:

Sylvia was apparently hiding, grouching and bad tempered. The spoilers had said that she was upset about all the romance while she was alone and I thought we'd actually get to see her making a few choice comments or looking sad and missing Milton. I guess one sour face among the guests (Norris) was enough. Two would have curdled the cream.

Nick didn't dress up. I suppose he thought it undignified or he couldn't think of any pop star he could possibly resemble. I know who I'd have suggested. I think with a wig and shades he'd be a dead ringer for Rick Ocasek from The Cars! Don't you think?

The wedding in photos.
See more pics of all the costumes for the Street party here.


maggie muggins said...

Aw, I did tear up when "On The Street Where You Live" started playing! It was a gorgeous version, almost jazzy, and gave a nice ambiance to the wedding. I too thought the wedding "hitch" was handled well and the loan shark story is finally done.

Tina did play the frightened hero well, didn't she? I can't blame Tommy for being scared. I think he was blameless as a result of Terry running off with the $$ meant to pay Rick off. I might have been spineless too. I guess her splitting with Tommy came after she almost lost Rita, after losing her Dad. When she left home, I think she was ready to stay with him if her plan worked, without the bride almost being drowned.

The Jubilee party was fast-paced. I could hardly catch some of the characters. I think most agree that Karlnita was yeeuch! Need to wash eyes & ears. Elton John, not John Lennon, yep. Tracy looked well cushioned as Cher, and odd. Loved Kylie & David's costumes.

Nick could also have dressed as Keith Richards, or even Mick Jagger.

Really enjoyed the Wedding/Jubilee, even with the small drawbacks.

Tvor said...

hahaah Yes Nick would have been a good Keith Richards or Jagger, too! He's got that sour looking face!

I think, in spite of the direness of the thug drug storyline, the ending was acted very well. I don't blame Tina for going off on one, after what Rick put her dad through as well.

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