Thursday 1 October 2009

Done like Dinner, the figurative death of a once-great character

That's it. Fiz is done like dinner. They've completed the decimation of this once spunky and funky girl, the girl that would strip her top off on the factory roof to stand up for herself. The girl who would, though she was a bit tubby, had wild red hair and gap teeth, cheerfully run after blokes, knowing she was the sexiest thing on two legs. The girl would wouldn't take crap from anyone because she'd had to take so much from her mother all her life.

Now she's hooked up with her first love, a man that cheated on her with one of his students, because he was flattered and couldn't say no when she jumped into his trousers. This man then kidnapped that young girl and held her captive for 5 weeks but "did it all for her". A man that wheedled, is oily and smarmy and manipulative and has her in puddles of nerves. Against all odds she's marrying him, even though her beloved brother is dead set against her and all the neighbours think she's out of her mind. She's lying and hiding everything. If you can't be honest about your relationship, how can it be a good thing?

Jennie McAlpine reckons John is the love of Fiz's life and it's a more mature relationship than Fiz and Kirk were. She also says that John may be in part, a father figure and if that's the case, it's definitely doomed. Fiz may see John as a decent person deep down but I see him as weak. He's cheated on her once with hardly any thought and he'll do it again. He even admits he couldn't resist at the time. Leopards don't change their spots. Not that much.

Fiz is right, your wedding should be the happiest day of your life and she was miserable, secretive and to me, she comes across desperate, not aching to be with the man she loves. It's not as if he was wrongly accused and she's tying a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree.

I've said it before, i think John is manipulative and he proved it again on the wedding day. Even after Fiz admitted she lied about Chesney and all their friends being against them, he says something smarmy like he feels loved (because she cared enough to lie)! I really thought she'd back out when she finally have realized where her priorities should have been all along. He accused her, saying she can't hurt Chesney but she can hurt Stape. There's a difference. Chesney is a child. John is supposed to be a grown up but that's debateable, too. But damnation didn't Ches show up to do the right thing and she was backed into a corner. Stape was practically punching the air in triumph.

How much do I hate this storyline? It's one of the worst I've ever seen though the Kevin and Molly stuff is the absolute worst! I dread the day Prisoner 666 comes out of jail and lands back on the cobbles. It'll be all the neighbours tossing insults and Fiz weeping and Chesney telling her so and what did she expect? Maybe he's going to try to get her away from her friends and family again when he can't stand the heat.

I can't say it'll all end in tears. It's been nothing but tears all along! Not to fault Jennie, though, she's great and she always is. She doesn't get rated as highly as she should do!

Who are you and what have you done with Fiz Brown?


John said...

Yes of course he has been weak, but then 75% of all the characters in the programme have been weak i.e. had a fling with someone they shouldn't have (although of course rather less than that have kidnapped their ex and kept them locked up for 6 weeks!)

But fundementally he seems to be a decent guy, who genuinely loves Fiz.

Will they live happily ever after - not a chance. This is a soap after all. But maybe they'll have a decent period of time together before it all goes pear-shaped...

Glenda Young said...

I think John Stape does love Fiz but that doesn't mean he's good enough for her. Fiz has lost all her sparkle because of John Stape, she's losing her family and her friends because of him too. He sucks the very life out of the TV when he's on screen. John Stape is soap's dullest character, ever.

Walzing Matilda said...

I dont quite understand why the writers brought back this character after the natural end when he was locked up for kidnap which is a very serious crime and I think punishable by death in some countries! Are we supposed to believe now that they wont move away but will live on the Street happily ever after? I cant see what storylines can come of this and the character of Stape is holding back the great character of Fizz.

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