Friday 23 October 2009

Best week of Corrie ever!

OK, maybe not "ever" but it's been utterly fantastic stuff this week! One of the best weeks of Coronation Street in a very long time. I've already blogged about Monday's episode with Carla's return and it went onwards and upwards from there It was electrifying for me. Carla, Tony and Jimmy kept me riveted through every scene of theirs the rest of the week, too. Tony went back to Jimmy for another "job" and he didn't seem too pleased about it. He could very well be the weakest link. He doesn't want to kill Carla but he'd have no trouble at all offing Tony. Tony is a big bully and a coward, really. He won't do the dirty work himself, he pays someone else to do it.

Watching Tony's stony face through the whole baptism was riveting. He was almost robotic! Do you reject the devil? He does, knowing Jimmy is at that moment attempting to kill Carla who is drinking coffee from the same mug Tony used earlier. Tony finally bottled it but it was almost too late! Exciting stuff! Poor Jimmy ended up on the floor with his head bashed in and Carla believed Tony's lies that he wasn't to blame and that she killed Jimmy which she didn't. Kind of ironic, she used the candleholder to bash Jimmy, the very one that Liam gave to her and Paul. She's off in a black cab but we've not seen the end of Carla. I'm guessing we may not have seen the last of Jimmy either. Murderers don't get away with it.

Helen Connor being a mardy cow all week was fun to watch. Sniping, sarcasm and bullying non stop. She plays the part well!

The spirit of the late Des Barnes wafted through the Street with the arrival of a boat in back nick needing a face and body lift. The ever optimistic Joe doesn't see the disaster, he sees potential. I think he's running away from the reality that is his disaster of a life. The last boat ended up going up in flames. I wonder where this one will meet it's maker? At least it's winding up Norris and that's never a bad thing.

Rosie's comeuppance was truly a joy to watch.
Molly's birthday... where was Auntie Pam?
Did Carla not notice the broken office door?
Nice touch having the thunder crash just after Carla left Tony at the church.
When Carla first rang Tony it said unknown number. By the end of the night the phone was showing her name. Did he actually have time to save the number and store it?
Tony lived in the flat for a long time before they got married yet the only name on the door is "Connor"
Maria's calling Tony "Daddy". She's got an awful shock coming to her.


Square Eyes said...

i agree totally.i love Tony gordon hes a great character and is acted so well!

Clare said...

It was flippin' amazing. Amazing acting from Gray and Ali especially.

Tvor said...

It sure was! These are definitely keeper episodes!

Unknown said...

I agree! Riveting week!

Jamaican Girl said...

I enjoyed reading this...I am a die hard Corrie fan but I will have to wait a few more weeks before I get to catch up with is. I get the Toronto, Canada feed (even though I am in Jamaica) but I am dying to see how the heck Tony and Maria get themselves involved like this...will continue to read this blog:)

Tvor said...

Thanks very much, Jamaican Girl. Nice to know people are enjoying my ramblings!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your comments Diane, and look forward to Sunday's comments also. Tony is so troubled and has a great desire to manipulate and be the boss, but he also has a conscience - i.e. saving Roy's life. I will miss him when he's finally sent down.

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