Monday 30 April 2012

State of the Street - April 2012

The Rovers has called Time on Betty. My thoughts and photos here. Sean inherited Betty's hotpot recipe and he's messed it up but Tina saved the day by remembering the secret ingredient - a bottle of stout!

Karl and Sunita are hitting the sheets. Saintly Sunita. Ok, Dev is a prat and he's been treating her like she's "the little woman" but then he always did. He pretends to be so modern and suave but he's got a very sexist attitude about women. Maybe it's just the excitement she is looking for. Meanwhile Karl's robbing peter to pay paul and gambling every penny he can get his hands on yet St. Ella kicked him out and took him back. So much for strong landladies and strong "Northern" women. I hate it when they make women out to be weak.

Sally and Kevin are circling each other again. If Kevin had a tail it would be furiously wagging but I'm not entirely sure Sally can handle taking him back if baby Jack is going to be involved too. That's really the sticking point. Meanwhile the gossip in the factory is in overload and the red wine is having its result in Webster towers. Kevin is bragging that he and Sally are back together which sounds very much to me like a Phrase of Doom. It's one thing to be in love with Kevin and it's one thing to mind the baby now and then, but being a mother to Jack is a whole different barrel of apples. Even if she can find a away around it and grow to be fond of the baby and be a good mother, there's always going to be that pain and memory in the background. Some people can put it away but can Sally?

Terry Duckworth is back like a bad penny and making up to his long lost son who, coincidentally, has just inherited a bit of money. Ching Ching! He's going to open a lap dancing club. You can imagine how that went over. Alarmed Eyebrows at the ready. Protests, fights, oh i don't know, as long as they don't have Cheryl Grey back as a dancer, i'm happy! Terry's ticking everyone off so much he's got himself banned from half the businesses on the Street!

What a hoot Terry is. Crumpling up a photo from a new picture frame and pretending it's Tommy. Like he wouldn't have seen any photos of himself as a baby? Terry is a true panto villain and you can almost see him twirling his moustache, can't you? Causing trouble, shaking things up. I'd like to see him and Owen at odds. I think he'd meet his match there. And that peaceful protest at the building site with the Street oldies up against Terry was wonderful!!! The Bohemian Rhapsody scene was probably the best on Corrie this year! I don't reckon Terry will be here long but it will be an interesting ride while he's there!

Star crossed lovers, Tina and Tommy finally got together. Most people have been saying there was no reason to bring Terry back. On the surface, I would agree but I think he's there to cement T&T together as a couple where she's there to support him. Tommy wanted so badly to have a relationship with his father so he believed all Terry's lies.

The salon wars brewed, bubbled and boiled over and landed Audrey in the hospital with a heart attack. Kylie pushed and pushed David who went along mostly willingly. Lewis was the bone of contention that started it all, because everyone thinks he's out for her money yet again. Whether he is or not remains to be seen but since he's got form, nobody trusts him and I can't blame them. Still, for the time being, Audrey is in the hospital and David has a guilt complex the size of Old Trafford.

Kylie shows no remorse and she's staking a stand at high noon and it's going to push David too far. Down deep, David really is maturing ... a bit and he's only been led around by Kylie. He probably wouldn't have dug his heels in quite as much. Kylie feels betrayed and has walked out with Max, devastating David.

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