Monday 4 January 2016

2015 Yearly Sum Up

I usually keep a running note of odds and ends throughout the Corrie year, with silly awards, and a quick run down of major storylines and by-house storylines, mostly for my own amusement but you might like it.

Best Wedding
Beth and Kirk’s 80s themed wedding

Wedding WTF
Kirk went missing on his wedding day but only so he could get the perfect fancy dress outfit for his Beth.
Gail missed her first wedding to Michael and then had a wobble at the next one. She did say I Do in the end.
Steve and Michelle’s wedding. The best man got stranded on a fishing boat headed for the Arctic Circle.
Sally and Tim’s wedding. The groom almost didn’t show up

My most embarrassing moment
Anna bringing Faye’s baby to her at school. As if she wasn’t bullied enough before!
Sally getting sacked for having an annoying voice

Worst storyline
Jason thinks Eva slept with Tony
David and Callum fight for custody of Max
Todd’s “revenge” on his family for that tiny nearly invisible scar.
Sharif's chickens

Comedy relief:
Tim and Sally

Best new couple (still together at year end)
Steph and Andy
Billy and Sean

Surprise reunion
Liz and Lloyd but it didn’t last

Something New award:
Cathy’s a hoarder! We haven’t seen that one before.
Serious illness of a young child (there have been injuries but not an illness like Hope’s cancer)
Physical abuse of a child to a parent.
Jamie blackmails Luke with nude photos of Steph.  

Most doomed couple
Leanne and Kal. Obviously. Saying Yes to the proposal seconds before the groom-to-be was blown up.
Eileen and Adrian - with Todd pulling the strings to ruin it, it didn’t have a chance.
Gail and Michael - too many big secrets

Surprising twist
Gavin Rodwell is really Andy.
Tracy leaving a candle burning in Carla’s flat which caught fire. She didn’t know Amy was in the flat.
No surprise that Callum got killed. It was a surprise that it was Kylie that did it.
Audrey fancying Ken after years of being just friends
Nessa had an affair with her sister’s husband (though we shouldn’t be that surprised considering she’s a man-chaser)

Most mismatched or boring couple
Gary and Alya
Callum and Sarah
Luke and Maria
Michael and Eileen

Great villain/bad guy
the Late Real Gavin Rodwell

Top Recurring Character:

The John Stape Trophe
Gavin/Andy twists and turns
Burying Callum in a hole, cemented over. (echoes of Colin Fishwick under the factory floor)

Best return of a former character
Jenny Bradley
Peter Barlow for Deirdre’s funeral - short but sweet
Rob Donovan, causing trouble from prison

You Could See That Coming
Jenny went doolally over Jack,  had (another) breakdown and ran away with him
Sally kissing Kevin
Callum getting killed.
Sarah getting pregnant (cliche soap plot, pregnant by the worst person possible)
Brendan is a married man, cheating on his wife with Mary

Deja Vu storylines
“Barely a teenager” pregnancy - Faye (Sarah Lou)
Kidnap a child and go up in a high place - Jenny (Claire’s friend Casey, Bethany’s other granny Brenda)
Fire out of control causing death or injury - Victoria Court flats (Rovers twice, Barlows Bookies, Underworld several times, explosion in the Bistro causing the tram crash and fire in Number 13, Corner shop via Mad Maya)
Vehicle disaster causing multiple injuries - Minibus crash (Bus crash in the 60s, tram crash)
Tony beating up Callum in retaliation for Jason’s beating (Jim beating up Jez Quigly in retaliation for Jez beating up Steve)
Getting pregnant after sex with entirely the wrong person - Sarah with Callum’s baby (re: most unexpected soap pregnancies)
Carla is really Johnny’s daughter (Danny is really Mike Baldwin’s son, Ashley is really Fred Elliott’s son)

This Year's Exits:

Best exit
Maddie, in that it was a surprise, sad though it was.
Julie got her happy ever after.

Most missed character
Kylie (was SO glad when she finally got back!)

Make it stop!
Callum and David custody story
Covering up the Callum killing. Literally and figuratively.

Optimist award
Gail planning her sixth wedding, Michael thinking he might be one of her husbands that just might survive (though he’s got a dicky heart)
Steve marrying for the sixth time (five wives, Vicky, Karen, Karen, Becky (one attempt and one completed ceremony), Tracy, Michelle)
Tracy thinking she had a chance at owning the Rovers

Major storylines:
Van crash
Gavin/Andy twists and turns.
Faye’s pregnancy
Callum vs. David (and Kylie) custody battle/murder coverup
Simon abuses Leanne
Jenny’s return, involvement with Kevin and Jack, breakdown
Tracy and Tony’s affair and Rovers takeover attempt/Victoria Court Fire/Tracy’s guilt
Carla’s gambling addiction/Aidan buying into the factory
Hope’s illness
New Connors in the factory
Nick and Carla’s romance

Storylines by family/address
Barlows/Number 1
Tracy affair with Tony
Deirdre’s death
Return of Robert Preston
Ken involved with Nessa weeks after Deirdre dies.

Emily/Norris/Number 3
Emily goes to Peru

Battersbys/Sutherlands Number 5
Sinead’s serious injury in the van crash
Chesney gives up Joseph, lets Katy take him to Portugal
Kirk and Beth marry
Carry on camping
Craig is Faye’s pregnancy confidant
Craig falls in love

Alahans/Number 7
Dev visits India
Dev loses Julie and his new crush, Talisa
Dev dates Erica (sort of, in a friendly manner)

Dobbs/Brown Number 9
Fiz returns
Carry on camping (with Number 5 gang)
Hope’s illness (cancer)
Tyrone's financial problems

Grimshaw/Number 11
Jason and Eva break up due to Todd’s manipulation of a misunderstanding
Eileen tries internet dating, Todd manipulates it.
Sean dates Billy the Vicar
Eileen together with Michael after his breakup with Gail
Jason has sex with Alya
Jason gets beaten badly by Callum and thugs

Webster/Number 13
Kevin dates Jenny Bradley who tries to take Jack away and has a breakdown
Maddie killed after the Victoria Court fire causes a fire and explosion at the builder’s yard.
Sophie given a share in the garage business.
Kevin expands garage, tries singles dating, flirts with Anna

Webster/Metcalfe/Number 4
Tim proposes to Sally, wedding
Sally gets sacked,  wants to buy into the factory, Kisses Kevin, nearly loses Tim
Sally gets her job back, nearly gets sacked again due to annoying voice.

Nazirs/Number 6
Kal moves in with Leanne and Simon, dies in the Victoria Court fire
Sharif raises chickens
Sharif and Roy share an allotment, leads to introduction of Cathy Matthews
Alya engaged to Gary, sleeps with Jason, Alya and Gary split up when the truth comes out.
Zeedan runs the gym, becomes brother figure to Simon, helps Leanne with Simon
Yasmeen opens and runs the community centre
Gary is given a share in the gym as a wedding gift. Contract says he gets to keep it even though he and Alya split up
Zeedan hands over the management of the gym to Gary, gets a job in the Bistro kitchen

Platts  Number 8
Michael’s health problems
Gail and Michael’s weddings
Real Gavin shows up, Steph, Andy, Gail, Luke, David all know,  and then Gavin dies.
Michael finds out about Gavin, leaves Gail, has another heart attack and operation and takes up with Eileen.
Michael does deeds for Dee whom he burgled. 
Dee nominates Michael for Good Samaritan but discovers the truth on the night of the awards.
Bethany returns from Milan, followed by Sarah who gets job in the pub
Callum tries to get custody of Max, (affair with Sarah, Callum uses Bethany, Kylie returns)
Callum’s death and coverup
Sarah’s pregnancy
David and Kylie fall out then make up at Christmas
Nick fling with Erica who gets pregnant but miscarries.
Nick falls for Carla and they get engaged.

Steve gets help for depression, reunites with Michelle, they get engaged and married
Tony and Tracy affair, Tony works to take over the pub, Carla saves the day, Liz kicks Tony out
Liz new boyfriend turns out to be a former client of Leanne’s
Liz and Lloyd, part 2, briefly
Liz pretends to reunite with Tony to get the pub back for Steve
Steve spends time in Spain

Carla nearly dies, twice. (bus crash, fire in flat)
Carla offers to buy Liz’s share of the pub which stops Tony and Tracy’s takeover
Maria and Luke on and off and on again.
Maria goes to Cyprus
Carla and Nick, almost on, off,  then on again with engagement
Carla’s guilt thinking she started the fire that killed two leading to...
Carla gambling addiction, sells part of factory to Aidan Connor, Michelle’s cousin
Aidan Connor buys into Underworld with his father’s money.
Aidan’s father Johnny and sister Kate arrive.
Rob Connor causes trouble from prison (Tracy, Johnny)
Carla finds out Johnny is her father, goes gambling and drinking and sleeps with Robert

Owen’s ex Linda returns, Katy and Joseph move to Portugal with her
Faye finds out she’s pregnant and continues to hide it until giving birth at Easter.
Owen leaves
Faye gives baby Miley to Jackson’s family to raise. They take her to Canada for good.  
Gary and Alya engaged and split after the truth about Alya and Jason comes out
Gary given a share in the gym as a wedding present, continues to work there after the split
Anna starts dating, crushes on Kevin

Cropper / Cafe
Roy scatters Hayley’s ashes
Roy hires Gary at cafe
Roy shares an allotment with Sharif, meets a woman/friend Cathy Matthews
Carla shares flat with Roy after the fire
Roy’s friendship with Cathy develops into a low key romance
Cathy’s sister and nephew on the scene.
Her sister, Nessa, pursues Ken Barlow and works in the salon while Maria is away.
Roy discovers Nessa had an affair with Cathy's late husband. 

Brittons/Builder flat
Steph and Andy continue to pretend he’s Gavin. Andy moves in after Gavin’s death.
Luke finds out about Andy
Steph and Andy keep their jobs after Nick finds out about Gavin.
Michael moves in.
Luke gets back into car racing, much to Maria’s disapproval.
Luke’s friend and Steph’s ex, Jamie, blackmails Luke into racing, using nude pics of Steph

Kabin /Rita
Rita’s not happy to see Jenny return
Rita finds out Mary's dating a married man

Julie and Mary clash while Dev is away
Mary’s motorhome is towed away, moves into Number 7
Mary meets (married) Brendan, editor of a magazine about paranormal phenomena.
Julie finds out about Dev’s feelings for Talisa,  leaves with Brian to travel. They move to Wales permanently.
Lloyd returns from Spain to find the wreckage Steve has wrought financially.
Lloyd stranded on a fishing boat at Steve’s stag
Andrea and Lloyd break up, Lloyd sleeps with Liz, reunites with Andrea who is pregnant and they move to Jersey
Eva leaves for France (maternity leave for the actress), returns, gets a job in the factory, flirts with Aidan
Kal moves in with Leanne and Simon then dies in a fire
Simon physically abuses Leanne
Former client of Leanne’s takes Leanne and Simon hostage

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