Wednesday 26 December 2012

Corrie Christmas

My Christmas this year, as usual, had a Coronation Street element to it. In addition to the 2013 calendar, I also found these under my tree. They're made by Lilliput Lane and the detail in them is exquisite! They each sit up to 2 inches high and have detail all around front and back.

The corner shop has the pillar post box and a cat lurking. The back "yard" is empty.

The Kabin doesn't have anything behind besides the bricks and doesn't have the side doors to the flats but there are lots of little bits in the windows at front as you can see.

Now here, you can see the Duckworth house in all it's yellow and blue glory. The back is exquisite, with the little pigeon loft and a few birds on the ledge.

Last but not least is the Rovers Return. The signs, the windows, the frosted glass. Lovely! In the back is the yard with the empty barrels. No smoking shelter but this is the classic pub!

Each of the houses comes with a little deed and description of the houses. Unesco sells the houses and you can get them from H. Samuel which is where these were purchased. Other good gift stores that carry the Lilliput Lane brand will also carry them and there are various places online that sell them including, Edwards China and Gillygifts. There are many other sites as well, just put "lilliput lane coronation street" into your favourite search engine. There will be a few more released in 2013.

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