Thursday 31 May 2012

State of the Street - May 2012

I'm enjoying the domestic abuse storyline. Well, not enjoying as such but I think it's a good issue to do a story about and it's being very well crafted I think. It's heartbreaking to see that Tyrone, who wanted nothing more than a family of his own, and seemed to have got it, and ends up in a situation like this. We discover a bit more about Kirsty's past, too and the attitude of her parents towards her and the revelation that she'd cut them off says a lot. Kirsty even admitted that she can't handle pressure well and it seems her childhood is a strong part of it. We also met her parents, including a father who was also a police officer and he seems to have pretty high standards. I have a feeling Kirsty always struggled to meet them and probably has pretty low self esteem because she probably figured she was never good enough.

It doesn't excuse her actions but it does go some way to explaining them. I am looking forward to finding out more about her background to figure out her demons. Tyrone's childhood was similarly rough and violent at times. Natalie Gumede is an excellent actor and she and Alan Halsall have made this storyline imminently watchable. I also like how they're unfolding it little by little and not rushing it.

I'm also glad that Sally won't have Kevin back because of the baby. I"m glad they aren't magicking her feelings away and having her fall in love with the baby after all. It is a bit weird seeing Fiz being Sally's confidant, being a good friend and giving her tea and sympathy after the horrible way Sally's treated her over the past couple of years. Kevin, of course, isn't going to give up.

Terrible Terry Duckworth was back and in top form. His plans for the club fell through, he managed to deplete Tommy's bank account and Tyrone's for good measure in order to make a dent in the money he owed the loan sharks. He scarpered off with Ty's cash, leaving Tommy heartbroken, betrayed and facing a real hitman who really ought to know better. Rick the thug already got into trouble once for trying to extort money from a relative and he's doing it again! Did Terry really have a regret or two? Possibly but I doubt he'll lose any sleep over it either. And Tommy, bless his dumb little cotton socks, didn't make matters any better by lying to Tina and saying he saw Terry pay Rick the dosh when he didn't and now he's a drugs mule? I loved the Terry part of the storyline but the heavy side is just dull, tedious and boring. Why, Why, Why do these people just not go to the police???? Because it would all get dragged up again? Isn't that the point? So they can be rid once and for all? Sheesh!

Weatherfield is in bloom and Norris is leading the neighbours to floral battle but Sally's snobbery knows no bounds, seeing as Cheshire is her spiritual home! Norris vs. Gail has been amusing. Julie has had a cancer scare and her chances of having children are dashed. Brian's vasectomy seems to have disappeared but i guess it's not going to be an issue now. Again, stunning performance from Katy Cavanagh.

It had an unexpected offshoot too. Brian and Marcus had a chat about being a parent and it seems to have struck a chord deep inside Marcus. He does want a child and Sean doesn't want any more. Marcus has gravitated to Maria and little Liam as some sort of compensation and Maria seems to adore Marcus. I have a feeling that Maria is developing a crush on Marcus. Leave it to Maria, falling for yet another unsuitable fella. The thing is, will Marcus want a family so bad that he'll consider it?

Lesley managed to walk away from a secured facility and showed up at her old house. Why didn't Paul just call the home to go get her? Because it wouldn't work for the storyline so Lesley is back in Eileen's house in spite of Paul having a perfectly good house of his own where Lesley is more familiar in her lucid moments. I can sympathise with Paul's position but watching them have relationship discussions right there in front of Paul's wife? Could it get any worse? Lesley then did herself a fatal mischief making cheese on toast, and Eileen is condemned for leaving Lesley alone.

Now Lesley is dead and Eileen is being watched suspiciously but it seems to have been dropped. Not a year goes by that a woman on the street (never a man, you notice?) isn't falsely accused of murder. It's getting tedious and predictable.

Where does that leave Paul and Eileen? Some hard things were said. Have we seen the end of Paul and Eileen? Unfortunately not. He's come begging to her to go to the funeral with him but at least Eileen said a few home truths to Lesley's sister. I always wondered why Paul couldn't ask family to help with his wife. Now they're going to be back together and he says he's moving in with Eileen. I guess it would be too crass for her to move into that nice big house where he and Lesley used to live. Let's hope he can sell it and maybe pay off Eileen's house. Though likely they won't end up going the distance anyway. I really don't think Eileen is destined for Happy Ever After.

Kylie did a runner, feeling betrayed by David. I can see where she's coming from, in her eyes at least but I'm also glad she's back. But aside from a little moment or two of brotherhood, David's still got daggers on for Nick after it looked like Nick and Kylie were having it on as did Eva who caused a near riot over a misunderstanding. As always, scream and leap first, ask questions after. All Nick was doing was trying to help. Paula Lane amazes me over and over. Gail and Audrey are inclined to think the worst but their faces sure hit the floor when David and Kylie returned, happy as Larry. Eva deserved to be dumped over this one.

Peter is really digging his heels in and he's really being insistent. He's full of mean, unresonable, nasty and spite. Leanne really and truly does just want the best for Simon and I can see where she thinks Simon isn't better off with Peter and Carla at the moment, especially having caught Peter and Carla boozing on occasion and Simon hating Carla and acting out. Simon is making darn sure, too, by lying or at least exaggerating to the court officer and though Carla seems to be trying to be reasonable, Peter isn't and I think the cracks are starting to give way, especially since Carla offered Leanne money to move away.

It took Simon's reaction to the court officer for Peter to really realize how much this is all affecting Simon. He wouldn't listen to anyone else trying to tell him but even then, he isn't giving an inch so Carla reckons she can pay off Leanne. I suppose she had the best of intentions but it sure put her in a dim light, not only in the courts but in Peter's eye too.

I really think, and have always thought that CarPet was not meant to be a long term couple though I wonder if Peter and Leanne could ever get back together after all this. Maybe if she started seeing someone else, he might feel jealous and things would go from there. Time will tell.

Sunita and Karl? Ick. How does nobody notice the pair of them making eyes at each other all over the neighbourhood? Well, now that Sophie has guessed, even though Karl thinks he's smoothed it over, she'll be watchful. And in the poll in that earlier blog post, the Dev and Sunita affair seems to be winning in the ickiest affair ever with just over 51% of the vote. Kevin and Molly are second with almost 37% of the vote.

Looking forward to Rita's wedding and the Street Jubilee party!

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