Saturday 31 December 2016

The Yearly Awards Post

I like to keep track of things through the year on Corrie and make up a fun awards post. My awards are not generally the usual Best Actor/Actress etc. though there is a bit of that. Mine are a bit more fun, I think. I have also included a potted review of the major storylines and the storylines by house/family

Best Wedding
There was no “Best” wedding this year. See next entry.

Wedding WTF
Nick and Carla’s marriage lasted about 15 minutes after the reception started.
Cathy finds out on her wedding day that her groom has misgivings, via a dictatape recorder

My most embarrassing moment
Sinead gets drunk and tries to kiss Aidan, her boss
Bethany tries to seduce Gary but gets caught by Faye, then has her crush outed to Gary a few days later
Worst storyline
Michelle and Will
Maria accused of Caz’s murder

Comedy relief:
Sally’s political campaign and career
The lads in the garage

Best new couple (still together at year end, because Gary and Sarah split yet again or they'd have made the list, too)
Johnny and Jenny

Surprise reunion
Nick and Leanne (Ok, maybe not that much of a surprise since they always seem to end up back together)

Something New award:
slavery workers (teenage - Marta and the O’Driscolls)
Izzy using cannabis for pain relief
Bethany’s Bullying/diet pill/exercise addiction
Maria marries someone for citizenship

Most doomed couple
Gail and Michael (married 4 men prior to Michael. 3 have died. What were the odds? Yep. We have a winner)
Carla and Nick - given Carla’s self destruct gene, it was a given
Tracy and Robert - her lies and schemes were bound to rub him the wrong way

Surprising twist
Pat Phelan returns
Leanne pregnant with Steve’s baby
Kylie dies, David’s revenge includes a suicide bid
Ken has a stroke
Anna gets badly burned
Peter’s secret girlfriend is Toyah, Leanne’s step-sister
Mary had a son given up for adoption
Gentle Andy tries to kill Phelan

Most mismatched or boring couple
Rana and Zeedan
Tracy and Luke
Maria and Luke
Maria and Aidan

Great villain
Pat Phelan

Rubbish villain/bad guy
Jamie (Steph’s ex)

Top Recurring Character:
Nessa (may we please see a little more of her?)

The John Stape Trophe
Michael Rodwell. Rubbish burglar. Married Gail, found lost son who wasn’t his real son and then found his real son after his real  son died, affair with Eileen, ran afoul of Phelan, reconciled with Gail. Died trying to expose Phelan’s scam

You Could See That Coming
Leanne pregnant from a one night stand and Michelle pregnant, both by Steve
Phelan scamming Eileen out of Jason’s inheritance
Sarah’s breakdown
Caz turns obsessive/stalker (Caz Goes Rogue!)
Bethany’s crush on Gary/Sarah and Gary getting together
Rita taking Gemma under her wing
Robert has feelings for Michelle though it’s not reciprocated (yet!!!)

“I’ve changed/learned my lesson/No, actually, I haven’t changed at all”
 Jenny Bradley
 Pat Phelan

Deja Vu storylines
Carla’s life hangs in the balance after chasing Bistro Burglars (Bus crash, fire at the flat, fire in the factory/Tony Gordon, basically Carla’s regularly scheduled life threatening crisis)
Tracy’s vendetta against Carla (again)
Someone (Leanne) gets pregnant from an ill-advised one night stand. Total soap cliche.
Kylie gets stabbed while defending her friend outside the kebab shop (Brian Tilsley gets stabbed defending a girlfriend outside a nightclub 1989)
Wronged female turns obsessive stalker (Caz targets Maria) (Casey tried to take over Claire Peacock’s life. Maria tried to take Tyrone away from Fiz)
Phelan scams Jason’s inheritance out of Eileen (Richard Hillman scams the Duckworths, Lewis Archer scams Gail)
Another explosion with at least one death or serious injury. This is becoming a yearly thing, now.
Sarah getting together with Gary/Bethany’s crush on Gary (Same thing, Gary = Callum)
Tracy has a fling with much younger Luke (Tracy has a fling with Ryan Connor/David Platt)
Maria has a fling with pretty much anyone

The Biggest Personality Transplants
Alya turned from a fairly nice young woman into an uber-ambitious blackmailer
Andy turned from a gentle man who sometimes makes wrong choices to a violent murderous attacker.

Entrances (more than just a few episode cameo appearance)
Freddie, Rana, Vinny (short term)

Andy, Roy, Sophie, Emily (we hope only temporary!)

(Permanent, so they tell us but it's a soap, so only the dead ones are a sure bet)
Jason, Nessa (though with a quick visit for the non-wedding), Carla, Kylie, Michael, Sharif

Most missed character

Best exit

Jenny Bradley, Pat Phelan, Steve McDonald (from extended leave), Gemma Winter, Peter Barlow, Adam Barlow, Daniel Osbourne, Brian Packham, Toyah Battersby

Best return of a former character
Jenny Bradley, Pat Phelan, Gemma Winter, Peter Barlow, Toyah Battersby

Make it stop!
The ruination of Carla Connor
Nick and Robert pissing contest/constant bickering
Nick’s jealousy of Peter and Steve (spotting a trend, are we?)

Optimist award
Carla thinking she can get away with not telling Nick she cheated on him
Leanne thinking she can keep the baby’s father a secret from the baby’s father’s wife!

On again Off again award:
Nick’s brain injury symptoms return just in time to cause problems with his relationship to Carla and then the symptoms seemed to disappear again.
David’s epilepsy which was supposed to act up when he’s under stress. How bad was his year again? Not one shiver. 
Sarah and Gary’s relationship.

Major storylines:
Carla in crisis after crisis (accident, infidelity, blackmailed by Tracy)
Sally runs for/wins Council seat
Roy and Cathy’s romance
Tracy’s revenge against Carla (again)
Bethany’s bullying/diet pills
Investigation into Callum’s murder/Sarah’s breakdown/Kylie’s death/David’s revenge/Anna’s burns
Steve and Michelle’s many marriage ups and downs.
Leanne’s pregnant with Steve’s baby/reunion with Nick
Phelan and Vinny’s property scam leading to Michael’s death
Ken’s stroke/return of the Barlow family

2017 anticipated storylines (speculation and educated guesses):
Michelle will find out about Leanne’s baby being Steve’s and she and Steve will break up
Robert and Michelle will have an affair
Fiz and Tyrone will get married and have a baby
Liz will find a new man
Phelan will get his comeuppance, maybe get killed and there will be a “Who Killed Phelan?” mystery
Maria won't spend the whole year in prison, she  and Aidan will get together but not last out the year.
Audrey will retire and go traveling with Freddie
Jason will return with a wife
Sophie and Kate will get together

Storylines by family/address
Barlows/Number 1
Ken breaks up with Nessa.
Tracy changes Barlows Buys to a florist.
Tracy finds out about Robert and Carla’s fling, plots revenge (again), loses Robert when he finds out she blackmailed Carla
Tracy’s illness but nobody but her father cares.
Ken wants to date Audrey
Peter returns
Ken has a stroke
Adam Barlow returns along with Daniel Osborne.
Tracy fling with Luke

Cole/Number 3
Norris runs for Council against Sally
Norris takes in Kirk temporarily after Kirk rows with Beth.
Norris takes in Sean.  
Norris takes in Brian Packham
Norris helps Mary find her son

Battersbys/Sutherlands Number 5
Sinead starts modelling
Craig and Caitlyn split
Kirk and Beth split temporarily
Craig’s involvement as witness to Kylie’s death leads to his decision to be a police officer, leads to his discovery about his bio dad’s incarcerations
Beth is found to be a bigamist, Kirk and Beth split and reunite, Beth does community service

Alahan/Number 7
Brendan’s wife confronts Mary with Brendan dismissing her as a crazy fan. Mary heartbroken.
Dev gets together with Erica who has trouble adjusting to the step "monster" role
Mary works in the florist shop, has breast cancer scare, meets long lost son given up for adoption

Dobbs/Brown Number 9
Hope’s operation, full recovery from cancer.
Fiz finds out about Tyrone’s debts and goes back to work.
Tyrone gets extra jobs and scrambles to make extra money, hired at Streetcars
Luke the lodger
Craig the lodger
Alya the lodger

Grimshaw/Number 11
Jason works with and then  hires Pat Phelan
Eileen finishes with Michael, gets together with Phelan
Tony (Jason’s dad) dies off screen
Jason arrested for Callum’s murder but Todd lies that Tony confessed
Todd supports Billy, ends up falling for each other.
Jason leaves for Thailand, leaves Eileen in charge of the business
Phelan scams Jason’s inheritance out of Eileen in a property scam with Vinny Ashford. Todd is involved, Vinny double crosses them both.
Phelan lets Michael die of a heart attack.
Phelan blackmails Andy after Andy assaults him

Webster/Number 13
Kevin dates Anna, finds out about Anna and Phelan’s history
Renovation for the Archway garage
Sophie falls for Kate Connor, makes an enemy of Caz
Jenny saves Jack from a Blackpool tram
Sophie leaves for Miami for 3 months
Kevin moves Anna and Faye into Number 13

Metcalfe/Number 4
Sally runs for Council and wins.
Sally buys Lloyd’s share of Streetcars for Tim
Tim starts a home brewery
Sally and Yasmeen feud
Sally rents an allotment for Tim

Nazir/Number 6
Zeedan gets a crush on Alya’s friend Rana and they eventually get engaged and married
Sharif gets Gary arrested for drugs (buying dope for Izzy)
Sally and Yasmeen feud
Sharif revealed to have a mistress of 7 years, abandons wife and family.
Alya’s bespoke lingerie business/partnership with Underworld revived

Platt/Number 8
Audrey alternates crushes on Ken and Freddie
Sarah’s pregnant, gives birth early to baby Harry
Bethany is bullied, develops addiction to diet and exercise, crush on Gary
Nick’s brain injury symptoms return and vanish again after breakup with Carla
Sarah has a breakdown after Callum’s body is discovered.
Kylie dies after defending Gemma from a robbery
David plots revenge, including a suicide bid to blow up Clayton Hibbs
Michael and Gail reunite then Michael dies, trying to uncover Phelan’s property scam
Sarah and Gary get together and break up multiple times

Steve returns from Spain
Michelle meets up with old flame Will, almost cheats, splits with Steve when he finds out, reconciles with Steve and gets pregnant.
Steve and Leanne one night stand resulting in a baby.
Steve finds out he may carry a gene for Myotonic Dystrophy, which could affect all his children too, and is later cleared

Michelle starts to have feelings for Robert.

Carla reveals paternity (Johnny) to Aidan and Kate.
Carla injured in accident on Street.
Tracy blackmails Carla to get Nick to sell the Bistro to Robert. Truth comes out, Carla and Nick split after marrying. Carla leaves town.
Aidan and Eva get together after the Polish domestic slave storyline
Aidan has one night stand with Maria, later develops feelings for Maria
Kate develops feelings for Sophie, her and Caz’s wedding is off and on and off again. Caz jealous of Sophie.
Caz becomes obsessed with Maria, sets her up to be charged with Caz’s murder. Aidan and Kate set a trap for Caz
Johnny and Jenny Bradley become an item
Ozzie dies.
Maria charged with and sent to jail for illegally marrying an immigrant

Anna dates Kevin. has to tell Kevin the real truth about her and Phelan
Phelan returns, causing upset for Anna
Gary buys dope for Izzy who is using it for pain relief, gets arrested as does Izzy who goes to jail for assaulting a police officer.
Gary considers reconciling with Izzy but ends up with Sarah Platt for awhile
Gary helps Bethany deal with bullies
Anna badly burned after David rolls his car filled with petrol
Anna find out Phelan’s scamming people, alerts Michael
Anna moves in with Kevin
Faye gets a boyfriend who is a  dodgey character

Cropper / Cafe
Roy rescues Cathy from a small house fire after she finds out about her sister’s affair with her late husband.  
Roy goes to Hastings to look after Sylvia (later returns)
Alex (Nessa’s son) works in the cafe then moves in when Nessa moves to Scotland. Continues to cause mischief
Roy and Cathy get engaged, plan wedding
Alex and Gemma become good mates
Cathy jilts Roy on wedding day, realizing he’s not ready.

Brittons/Builder flat
Jamie on bail tries to rob the Bistro and scare Steph. Ends up injuring Carla instead.
Andy goes to Brighton to visit Michael
Luke proposes to Maria and moves in with her, they later split up.
Michael returns, moves in and later moves out to reconcile with Gail
Andy tries to be a writer
Andy wants Phelan to pay for Michael’s death, tries to kill him and is blackmailed in return
Luke has a fling with Tracy Barlow

Kabin /Rita
Rita takes Jenny in
Jenny forms relationship with Johnny Connor
Rita “buys” one of Phelan’s flats for Jenny
Rita takes Gemma in

Luke and Andy get Jamie sacked
Michael leaves for Brighton after breakup with Eileen and thinks Gail won’t have him back.
Michael returns and reconciles with Gail, puts Phelan on notice
Billy has an addict brother, becomes involved in the secrets surrounding Callum’s murder. Todd thinks Sarah killed Callum, tells Billy. Billy’s brother holds Sarah hostage leading to her breakdown. 
Billy and Todd fall in love.
Billy wonders whether to leave the church but stays in the end
Erica - Agony Aunt (helps Mary, helps Izzy with her pain - dope, ) dates and moves in with Dev
Simon badly injures someone playing football. Leanne reports him to the police but finds out it really was an accident.
Leanne has a one night stand with Steve, Gets pregnant.
Caz caught faking her injury’s severity and lies about a court martial
Eva - dates Aidan, hides illegal worker Marta then tries to help her escape the O’Driscolls with Billy’s help.
Robert buys into the Bistro but dumps Tracy when he finds out Tracy knew about him and Carla and engineered the money to buy the Bistro.  Re-partners with Nick
Leanne quits Bistro and rejoins. Reconciles with Nick who agrees to raise Steve’s baby.
Nick’s jealousy of Peter rears up again
Robert develops feelings for Michelle

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