Friday 30 November 2012

State of the Street - November 2012

Lewis got sucked in by Gloria and Gail's scheme and Audrey half-believed them. She was very sorry she didn't trust him but he's well and truly ticked off and is intent on revenge on Gail. It's been interesting to watch the old Oily Lewis slowly suck Gail in to exact his revenge. He manipulated her into buying back a watch he didn't pawn, splitting the money with the man he was conniving with. He works on her a little here, a little there. I wonder if he expects to get Audrey back in the end or if it's purely revenge and nothing more?  Maybe he's going to try to get Gail to fall for him and then dump her soundly as part of it all? Ya think?

Leanne is getting backed into a corner with Nick. She's now divorced from Peter but we all know she still has feelings for him in spite of everything he's put her through. Peter really hurt her and Nick picked up the pieces but it's not Nick she really wants. Down deep, Nick probably knows that too and when she pushed him back after he proposed he nearly got it. But she persuaded him she'd marry him and loves him because what else is she going to do after all? But just as it's all going to look like happy families, you know darn well Peter will turn up and everything will go to hell in a handbasket again.  Whether this wedding goes forward or not remains to be seen. If, like I believe, she's only with Nick as a consolation prize, will Leanne wake up and smell the coffee before she signs on the marraige license line? For Nick's sake, I hope so. Either way, his heart is in dire jeopardy.

Sophie started off the month flat on her back facing a life in a wheelchair. Unsurprisingly, the surgery worked and she's got a long rehab ahead of her but she *will* walk again. It's soap law, nobody is ever permanently disabled after an accident. This time, we have a ready made therapist in Jenna. Sally is worried that Jenna's pushing Sophie too hard and then she's worried she's not being pushed hard enough. I'm a bit surprised we weren't subjected to therapy sessions with Sophie dragging her legs while holding on to parallel bars and lifting weights etc. Naturally the good Christian Sophie forgave Ryan and made him  promise to kick drugs to the curb so he will and will never be bothered again by the urge.

By the end of the month, Sophie is home and working hard to walk again. I do wish Sally and Kevin would let go of her arms, though, because I'm sure manipulating the crutches would be a bit easier. Sophie looks to have developed a crush on Jenna as well, but I wonder why Jenna seems to be finding excuses to visit Coronation Street.  Could it be mutual?

Mandy says Jenna is "married to her job" and to me, that screams of a cliche. Kevin obviously fancies Jenna but finding another twentysomething woman to shag him and fall for him is not going to happen. Bored housewife Molly was a one off so that plus Mandy's naive statement tells me that Jenna will be gay. Shocking. And since Sophie has conveniently turned 18, a legal adult, there's nowt to stop them being together. Scandal! Sophie's still a patient! Of course she is, you have to have *some* drama on a soap, don't you!?

 Steve spent most of the month fighting his insecurities and making a right tit of himself with his jealousy over Rob. Rob did try it on with Michelle and was knocked back sharply. It didn't seem to bother him much, he wasted no time consoling himself with the nearest waitress. But didn't he and Eva split up some time ago? The Continuity Fairy seems to have fallen off the wagon there. Steve made a mess of the pub rivalry football match and then locked Rob in the van so he'd miss a meeting. I think Steve is regressing and is now the mental age of 12. Steve and Michelle never struck me as a good couple anyway and I don't know why she puts up with him.

Tina's pregnant, Tommy's brooding, Gary and Izzy can hardly contain themselves and have to restrain themselves from moving in with Tina, I bet. All very predictable, all very boring really. David wants a baby and Kylie doesn't. Kylie's definitely feeling put upon. She agreed to do it but you know she'll find a way to get round it for now. How many times do I need to bang on about how many babies there are on the street! They're going to outnumber the adults soon! It's unfathomable how many children and babies there are on the Street.

But the big story of the month is the ramping up of Kirsty's campaign to get to Fiz. She's punishing Tyrone for what she perceives as unfinished business between the two and she definitely knows Fiz is a threat to her little family because Fiz is intent on getting Tyrone away from Kirsty's control. That causes  Kirsty to lash back, causing Fiz an injury at the factory. She admitted it too, within earshot of Tyrone so he has no choice now. He can't escape what Kirsty is.

He finally realized that Kirsty has killed any love he had for her but the pull of that baby is very strong. He tried to get away but we all knew that wouldn't happen because the actor isn't leaving the show. Fiz reckons if he marries Kirsty he'll have more legal say over Ruby but how much longer will he put up with the abuse and control? Each incident is getting more violent and Kirsty is less and less remorseful. Sadly, I really fear we'll lose Natalie Gumede because Kirsty is perilously close to crossing the line to unredemption unless Kirsty has a total breakdown and gets help.

After all that business with the Cafe theme nights, then Nick hired Mary to do it at the Bistro, we haven't seen any evidence of any Bistro theme nights at all. It's all been brushed under the viaduct. Pity, that. I actually enjoyed Mary who was rapidly becoming more bully than quirky prior to that. We didn't see anything of her and very little of Roy who is still holding a grudge against her at month's end.

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