Thursday 23 July 2009

Will Nick Tilsley choose a babe or a broad?

News from ITV this week is that Nick Tilsley could very well be back on our screens by the end of the year, recast with a new actor, thank heavens! Some people might have thought Adam Rickett was a good actor but I never did. He was a pretty boy who, even in his second go-round as Nick, after some acting experience, was still painful to watch. Nick would be nearly 30 now and no doubt they'll still cast a good looking man, someone to make Weatherfield hearts flutter.

Which ones, though? Well, there's always Rosie Webster, the neighbourhood trollop. She likes an older man. Then there's Tina. A romp with his brother's ex could make for even more psychoDave antics. Just because Nick is his brother wouldn't hold David back. Besides, David hardly knows Nick anyway. Nick spent most of David's childhood in Canada either at school or working for KBec then back for a short time and off to Birmingham again.

Nick has form with bubble headed broads, too, he used to date Candice Stowe and Maria Sutherland! Speaking of Maria, might she find the flames fanned again? What about Leanne? The actress is on maternity leave but surely she'll be back. She was always more than a match for Nick but maybe he's grown up and turned into a force to be reckoned with. Nick? Nahhhh!!!! Peter might have been lusting after Michelle but Leanne was still under his skin. They were a good couple, well matched, I thought, and even better with his drinking under control.

Nick... I can see him fancying Becky but she wouldn't look twice at him. Molly would likely have a go, she's shown that she can be easily persuaded by a wink and a smile. If Tyrone has found out about her fling with Kev by then, she could be out on her own and looking for love in all the wrong places. I don't see Fiz and John lasting so maybe he'll pick up the pieces and mend her broken heart.

What about an older woman? Julie certainly isn't backward in coming forward and she doesn't seem to mind younger men...Kirk and Jason, for instance. There also Michelle, too. Luke Strong is leaving, and Leanne is returning. That might mean Peter and Leanne together and Michelle left hanging and vulnerable.

My best guess? None of the above. Nick's last two paramours were both hairdressers so I reckon Natasha will be his choice. She's beautiful, tall and blonde and if they cast Nick in a similar form as Rickett, they'll make a stunning couple. She's a bit scatterbrained but not too bubble headed. She might be just right for Nick. What do you think?


Serenity said...

The Natasha theory is a good one. I'm in Canada, so I can't fully comment on this, but it doesn't seem like she's had direct story involvement since that stuff with Tony... might be a way to bring her back into the main mix?

I could totally see Rosie having a go, but I don't think Nick would be keen at all. He would've still been on the street when she was just a little kid, I think it'd be too weird.

Yoork said...

I could see Rosie having a go too. I think maybe he would go for Becky, just to cause more trouble between Becky and Steve! Becky seems to enjoy making Steve jealous.
Wouldn't it be great (pending things don't work out with Jesse) if Nick's older woman were Eileen!!! Can you imagine Gail's fury???

Tvor said...

Oh no i can't seem him going for Eileen nor her for him. She'd rather go for a man Gail liked than Gail's son. I think she'd think that was too weird.

Ah but Rosie's all grown up and has a hot car and everything. It didn't stop Nick from dating Candice, his sister's best friend. And when it's put on a plate and served up... well he might have a go but it would probably just be a casual thing.

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