Monday 9 March 2015

Corrie? I'm loving it

Everyone enjoys and dislikes different storylines, characters and actors. What one person loves, another finds tedious. Complaining is all easy to do. What am I loving about Corrie lately?

Loving the Gavin/Andy storyline. Lots of twists, lots of layers. I like all of the characters involved, even Michael whom a lot of you find tedious and insipid. I like that he's gentle and emotional and he's got regrets about his life. He's a nice man and Gail deserves that for once. I like that Andy is a nice man too, even though he's got himself tangled in a web of his own making. Love him and Steph as a couple. Love that David is still snarky with both Andy and Michael but also seems to have accepted them into the family.

Yep, even love the Platt story with Callum stirring things up with a very big stick. Is he believable as a drug dealer? Stereotypically, no, but there are drug dealers in all walks of life and some really are handsome and smooth. I can't wait for Kylie to get back and kick Callum's butt for trying to take Max from David.

I've enjoyed watching Steve's storyline, even when Michelle and Liz annoyed me for their treatment of him  before his diagnosis came out. It's been interesting to watch Steve try to cope and watch how everyone around him isn't sure what to say or how to treat him.

Tony and Tracy? She's not my favourite character by a long way but she's interesting to watch and she's certainly got Tony in a sticky spot at the moment. I'm hoping Liz wipes the floor with her when she finds out about the affair but Liz is also going to be hurt badly as well. I suspect that will be the end of Tony but who knows?

I like the dynamic of Sharif and is wife, Yasmeen. Kal and his kids are bit dull but I'm hoping that will change over time.

I love Tim and Sally, as do most of you.

Faye's storyline, while annoying in that teen pregnancy has been done before even if not quite this way, is being handled pretty well. It's still surprising that nobody's noticed but when there's a weight gain in someone that young, pregnancy is the last thing you think about, especially when the girl has been a "good girl" and doesn't have boys flocking around her. I also believe that Faye wouldn't have realized before now that she was pregnant because at that age, your periods are erratic and even though you're told that you can get pregnant after only having sex once, it doesn't seem real and a 12 year old wouldn't think it could actually happen to them. I am curious to find out if Anna will discover it before Faye gives birth and how. I think it would be a good twist if Tim or Sally figures it out first, or even Sophie or Izzy.  Cue more chest pounding and angst from Anna. Yeah, that's a bit annoying but the actor that is playing Faye is really good and the paring between she and the love Craig is gold.

So far, I'm enjoying the return of Jenny Bradley and intrigued as to whether she's got an agenda or not. Did she take advantage of finding Kevin's dating profile to finally make amends with Rita? If so, that's not so bad. But she also said she had a messy divorce. What was that all about? Should Kevin be afraid? 

I'm looking forward to the twists and turns in the Rodwell storyline, interested to see how Faye's pregnancy plays out, and there should still be a few bumps in Steve's recovery as well.

Instead of what you hate or what's annoying you, what are you loving about Corrie lately?

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Vicky said...

Here is Australia we are a couple of weeks behind you guys, but after a bit of slump Corrie seems to be coming back again and I am enjoying watching it.

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