Wednesday 28 May 2014

Things I wonder about

So every now and then, I like to write down little thoughts, musing and random comments about Coronation Street.

What on earth does Marcus see in Todd? He's a sniveling toadie who used Marcus to prove a point. Now that he has him, he'll tire of him in weeks, leaving Marcus with nothing. 

If Adam Barlow was so ill that Ken has spent a year by his side, shouldn't something have been mentioned? Was he on his deathbed? Brain tumour and major operation recovery? I wonder if the writers will fill in some of the blanks when Ken returns. And since he was absent for a year, does William Roache still get to keep the Guinness record for longest continuous serving soap actor.

Like everyone else, I wonder if these tiny houses and flats are really TARDIS ships because most of them seem to be able to fit far more people inside than they actually have room for. When you see the size of a building like the Kabin and are told there are two flats over top. BOTH of them apparently having two bedrooms, then either the bedrooms are the size of closets or there's an invisible extra floor above. The flat over the Kabin also has at least two bedrooms and, I recall, a "Box" room was mentioned that was sometimes a third bedroom for a roommate or for little Liam. That building is also shared by Streetcars in the back and there's a 2 bedroom flat over that as well. In the real world, both of those buildings would only have room for one one-bedroom flat each. It's one of those times you really have to suspend disbelief but it's not always easy.

Some of the "old" houses do have a downstairs front room that is used as a bedroom (Eileen's house) sometimes. Upstairs, none of them have more than two bedrooms though Number 7 has 

After all these years, everyone that has their hair done at Audrey's still comes out looking exactly the same as they went in. Maybe that's ok if you're just going in for your weekly wash and set like Emily or having your roots done like Rita, but does nobody ever go in for a new look?

Does Aadi Alahan still play golf like a junior prodigy?

Where does Mary park the motorhome? It's only seen locally if it needs to be in the storyline. Surely it's illegal to be parked on the side of a street and living out of it on a full time basis? And where does everyone else park their cars when they're not needed for the storyline?

Has Phelan just dropped off the canvas altogether? It seems like there's unfinished business there. I really did think he was going to end up dead. He was just too nasty for him to leave abruptly like that. Ok, Owen and Gary are off the hook (because Anna had sex with me), See Ya Later Aligator. I suppose it just shifts to Owen and Anna now, with her dealing with what she'd done and the family buried under debt. Anna has finally told Owen the secret. If he thought their relationship was spiralling out of control before, watch this space. Maybe this will turn into a murder mystery yet. A real one.

The hype surrounding Tina's death wasn't a mystery at all, just a campaign to get people to watch on the night because we found out straight away it was Rob. Was it accidental? Kind of looked like it.

But I wondered why we've never ever known that the flat has a second exit, straight into the builder's yard office and upper balcony. I guess it makes sense that it might as it was always owned along with the yard even if rented out but it's never been seen or used on screen or even mentioned. That felt like a bit of a cheat but it did explain what Tina was doing on the balcony when none of the suspects had any connection with the yard. That's why I was convinced the killer would be Tony!

I did wonder if Maria still had Ozzy but there he was in the flat before Maria left for Cyprus.

Does the same child minder look after all of the babies on the street? (Lily, Hope, Ruby, Jake, Jack when he's not in Germany, Joseph).

I wonder how the gym is making any money. They only seem to have 2 cross trainers or treadmills at any given time as the scene requires, one bench, a few sets of free weights and one trainer. Lots of people walking back and forth, though. It's an odd location for a gym, too. It's across from the Victoria Court flats and not on a main road and is located in a small "back street" neighbourhood. Yes, i know, suspend disbelief, it's television. I can't help think the gym won't last any longer than Kal and Leanne's relationship.

What I'd love to see is Steve discovering he actually enjoys the gym. Or Lloyd who is going because he needs to get his heart back in shape. That won't last long and that will probably be another issue that is dropped and forgotten. We'll see Lloyd back in the pub drinking and having a crafty cig out back before long, mark my words. 

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Just saying said...

All those people in the little houses...and Audrey has that nice house all to herself. She must be doing something right.
Speaking of Audrey..what happened with her high blood pressure? A glimpse of how Lloyd's heart condition will be addressed in future episodes.
You would think Corrie could afford a real hairdresser to give cast members that new look with their hair that you speak of. They don't have to be seen doing it of course...but if they are there already for the actresses...then why not?
As for Mary...why not let her be a live in child minder/ housekeeper for the Hallahans and get rid of the camper (you raised good questions regarding this).
And one that you did not mention....the butcher shop. Why oh why is that left vacant after all this time.

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